Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick Hits: Inteview with Cal; convo with Scott TFCG; Timmy ain't your Ronny

Good little interview with Cal from My Hero Kevin Falness today. More making fun of Boogie. Kid skates on thin ice even off the ice, doesn't he?

His part starts about 1/8th of the way into the audio, after Backy's interview.


Scott TFCG spends his days dreaming up ways to torture me on practice weeks. Our conversations during the week go something like this:

Scott says:
have you done the butterfly slide to a direction then stopped yourself with your skate to get up?
Ms.Conduct says:
Yeah, I do that all the time.
Ms.Conduct says:
Ms.Conduct says:
No, I can't even slide in the fly without spinning in a circle.
Ms.Conduct says:
It's good comedy but bad goaltending
Scott says:
good I was thinking while the skaters drill on their skating lessons we will work on that
Scott says:
till we all throw up
Ms.Conduct says:
On a related note, my mom's new favorite thing to do, when she sees someone who knew me back in the day, is to tell them that I'm an Ice Hockey Goalie now (note that she can't just say "goalie" or they'll think soccer--this is Texas after all).

They invariably have a huge, "WTF???" reaction and she thinks it's really funny.

Of course, they also all probably think playing hockey = missing teeth and line brawls.


Great post on Puck Daddy regarding Tim Thomas and his reluctance to be known as a Hextall-type goalie. He makes a good point about goalies being vulnerable, and how getting a reputation as a nasty player would add a retaliation factor to the game that he just doesn't want to worry about.

Fair enough, but it's so rare the goalie who comes along who is willing to stand up for not only himself but his teammates, play the body a little, etc. I guess it's rare for a reason... it introduces unnecessary risk for both the player and the team.

But it sure is a lot more fun to watch than a guy like Backstrom. Sure, he's a terrific goalie and, to be honest, the kind of goalie I SHOULD be watching because he's so technically sound. Still, for my money, I'd rather watch a goalie who can play a technically sound game AND ensure that players pay a price for taking liberties around the net.


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