Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brusty's #1

Ahh, the long awaited "What's Bugging Barry" video is finally out. What the hell took so long, Joe? Not that intro, I hope.

Barry's a pretty funny dude and I'm quite sure we're kindred spirits seeing as how I like to play goal and complain about stuff and don't get my hair cut frequently enough.

But what's funniest is just watching O'Donnell crack up. Damn. What a job to have. Oh to have the gift of gab. And yet I only have the gift of Gaby in my sore groin.

*hang on, my dog is trying to steal my lunch*

No, Major. Mommy is trying to type while her soup cools down. I know! You LIKE soup! But that's Mommy's soup. CHOWDAH to be more accurate. But it's Mommy's none the less. Maybe Papa will give you some of his dindin tonight. Now give me kisses, shmoopy! Good boy!
*Okay, sorry about that*

Again, it only worked for me in my Safari browser and the audio is super duper quiet so I had to hold the laptop to my ear. I'm sure they'll get it worked out on the next one, which should be out sometime this fall.


Dog's best friend  January 7, 2009 at 10:24 PM  

Last home game I changed the perspective and took a seat on the glass just off the goalie on the north end of the arena. Quite a change of pace since we always park at center ink. Good golly what a kick in the pants! I do not know how these guys do it. I have a whole new appreciation for the net minders. Another thing that's becoming interesting is the goalie mask art. Have you inked up your mask yet? Photos?

Who let the dogs out?

Ms. Conduct  January 7, 2009 at 10:43 PM  

Yeah, it speeds up a lot when you're by the glass. I like the little details on the ice, the looks on their faces, stuff like that, so I enjoy that perspective a lot. Pro goaltenders are ice-water-in-the-veins kinda dudes, that's for damn sure.

No ink on my mask. It's expensive and I don't figure I've earned that pleasure yet. The cheaper ones can come pre-painted, but... they're cheaper. Widow makers. No thanks. Solid black suits me just fine. It was that or white and I honestly don't want to see the puck marks on my mask. :)

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