Friday, January 30, 2009

Aeros v. Binghamton Senators - Game 49

I'm a technical writer by trade so whenever I have lots of information, I tend to automatically parse it into a bulleted list. I have a lot of information tonight and I'm too lazy to write a story (yeah, what else is new?), so:

  • The first period should have been taken outside and shot. It was BRUTAL, with the Sens getting up 2-0 and the shots 11-5 for the Sens. Like yesterday, continued.
  • The second and third were a dramatic improvement, with the Aeros doubling up on the Sens' shot count, 24-12, and scoring 3 unanswered goals.
  • And what lit the fire in the second: The Aeros new top line of Kolanos, Locke, and Pouliot. I laughed out loud when I realized that trio was on the ice at the top of the second period. But with Pouliot playing a fairly gritty game lately (you read that right!) and Kolanos playing physical in his own "boogedy-boogedy" way, it wasn't really the softest line in the history of hockey like you might think.
  • And in fact, that line was on the ice for all three goals. Winner winner chicken dinner, folks. Who'da thunk it? Well, I did but I didn't think I'd really see it.
  • Before Brandon Rogers got the game winning goal and was awarded the #1 star, I was already thinking, "Man, Brandon's have a great game tonight." Of course, because of an irritating seating rearrangement, I had no one to say this to and therefore cannot prove that I was thinking it. But I swear I was. He looked terrific.
  • Rogers and Stoner were on the ice for the last two goals, Pouliot and Stoner getting the assists on both. That defensive pairing is a good combination.
  • Martin Gerber, who was recently waived by Ottawa and sent to the baby Sens, can't be happy with that game. The second goal was a bullet that Locke aimed five-hole from the outside hash marks. Gerber just left enough space for it to trickle through. And then Rogers' goal bounced over his glove and just drifted across the line as Gerber dove backwards to try and fish it out. Too late though.
  • Kolanos' goal to start the scoring was more forgivable... he streaked in, faked a shot, Gerber committed, and Kolanos tucked it in behind him, soft as kittens. Very pretty. Has he ever scored an ugly goal? Oh what the hell. Let's bust the picture out to celebrate, shall we? Feels good, doesn't it? Welcome back, Krys. (Photo by Fred Trask)
  • As good as the L/K/P line was tonight, man, Locker was a turnover machine. He's playing a little lazy lately, IMO. Don't be resting on your All-Star laurels, my little sniper...
  • On the flip side, Pouliot was on the PK at times and did a nice job. To tell the truth, he didn't do a single thing tonight that irritated me. Am I going soft here or is he actually playing this well? Remember that bad boyfriend analogy? I'm thinking of letting him leave a toothbrush in my bathroom...
  • As usual, the Ryznar, Love, Kassian line was surprisingly effective at retaining puck possession. My take on this is that these guys play a simpler game because they don't have the softest hands. I think a lot of the problem the last couple of games is that the other guys are hanging on to the puck too long, dilly-dallying. Meanwhile, that 4th line either skates, passes, or shoots. They don't spin or deke or dangle. They just go to the net and shoot. It's a bizarre combination of frustrating and refreshing when that line is out. You know they're gonna get some shots and play hard, but you also know that puck just isn't going in the net.
Okay, that's enough of that. The main thing is that a) they won and b) they had a crapass first period but pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and recovered in the second and third. I'm relieved that my prediction from yesterday's game post won't get tested.

Scratches were the injured Rosa and Irmen, and Mojzis, who was a healthy scratch. I guess they wanted to get Falk some game time, as he's been scratched for a while now.

From the guys: Royal's blog, Andrew's Chron article, and some bonus photos from Fred.

More notes:
  • Speaking of Aeros defensemen, I found it very interesting that Risebrough told Russo that his viable picks for call-ups now that Reitz is gone are Scott, Stoner, and Falk.
    I honestly would have thought Noreau would be on that list given that he got some pre-season game time and Stoner didn't. And Falk... well... I just don't get that at all. I think he will be a good defenseman some day, but he's not ready for the NHL. When he's a healthy scratch in Houston most nights, he's definitely not call-up material.

  • You know, when I started the season including the game # in the title of my game report posts, I thought it would be a convenient way to keep perspective on where in the season's 80 games the team is.
    But now that we've crossed the halfway mark, every time I type the number, I'm just reminded that in n games, the season will be over. And then it will be hot outside and there will be no hockey for months. The thought depresses the hell out of me, I have to tell you.

  • Wow, the Aeros game actually got some attention on the Channel 13 news tonight. They showed people in mullets and then showed all three Aeros goals. Nice!

  • Finally, looking northwest to the big club, Peter Olvecky seemed to have a solid first NHL game in the loss to Edmonton, getting nearly 10 minutes of ice time. Didn't do anything spectacular but didn't look too out of place either.

  • I get the feeling the boys in Edmonton don't like Cal too much. I don't understand why.

  • Boys are in Chicago tomorrow night. Pondering a live blog (chat)... anybody interested?


John Royal  January 31, 2009 at 2:37 AM  

I agree about the first period Ms. C. Kolanos and my "scoring line" of Love, Ryznar, and Kassian played really good, the rest of the team, not so much.

And I hate to plug myself (no I don't), but Constantine disputed the notion that they had a bad first period.
He wasn't too thrilled by Schaefer's first period, but he thought the rest of the guys played good -- I'm not sure what game he was watching either.

Ms. Conduct  January 31, 2009 at 2:40 AM  

Plug away. Your game reports are awesome!

I will say, the second goal by the Sens was all on Schaefer, IMO. He left a big gap between the toe of his pad and the post, which is how that silly puck trickled in.

John Royal  January 31, 2009 at 2:40 AM  

Oh, and I really liked the combo of Kolanos, Locke, and Pouliot. It will be a nightmare on the defensive end -- which Locke even admitted -- but hopefully they can make up for it on the offensive end.

And I'll leave your blog to you.

Ms. Conduct  January 31, 2009 at 2:55 AM  

He actually said that?? Wow. Well, I guess we'll see. Seems like KC did tend to put the best d pair of the game, Stoner and Rogers, on the ice with that line most of the time to make sure they plugged the holes.

Though really, IMO, Locker's the primary defensive liability, assuming Pouly and Kolanos keep playing like they're playing. Pouly was backchecking like Koivu! And he and Kolanos both have that super long reach to poke check with, and they both used it.

Pouliot isn't even getting dumb stick penalties, come to think of it. Did you see him after the game? Are we sure that's really Ben in the 27 sweater?

Fred  January 31, 2009 at 6:09 PM  

Man, I knew I should asked for royalties (no pun intended Royal) for that Kolanos pic :)

Make that 3 for a complete suckfest in the first period and I'm wondering if KC has first period colored contacts or something.

On the 2nd Sens goal Schaefer thought he had the puck trapped in his pads but it was sitting on the line. Lammers actually had a shot at sweeping it out of the net but he missed.

Ms. Conduct  January 31, 2009 at 6:29 PM  

Yeah, it's awfully hard to tell where the hell the puck is when it's under/near/behind you. Best you can do is seal the holes you can, be still, and hope your team can handle any loose ones. It's a frustrating situation to be in.

Fred, do you take payment in beer?

Fred  January 31, 2009 at 7:55 PM  

As long as no one has cried in it Ms C! :)

Ms. Conduct  January 31, 2009 at 8:52 PM  

Alright, let's make that happen.

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