Monday, January 26, 2009

AHL All Star Game

Locker gets the first goal for Canada past Schneider. Oh, if every team the Aeros played wouldn't play defense. Canadians pretty much dominated the start.

Mike Brodeur's pads are really cool looking with his uniform. Black face with red sides. Unique. He's a pretty badass goalie, too. Some good saves tonight.

I wonder how many goals Pouliot would score in a soft game like this. Probably a lot.

Locke has turned the puck over twice that I've seen. But he got an assist on the second Canada goal. Interview with Locker at the half, who says "great" about 35 times, but also says he's having fun playing in Houston, so I guess that's nice.

I sometimes wonder what it's like for him going from the Habs system, where the big club is basically the center of the hockey universe, to Houston. It's gotta feel like hockey Siberia a little bit, right?

Ohh, Brusty in the locker room. Looking delish.

He's playing the second period. Already putting the stick to #12 on the PUSA team. Several HUGE saves right out of the gate!

And Locker with the 4th goal for Canada! Way to represent, boys!

Ah poop, they got one past Brusty on a breakaway. Not a bad one by any means. Just left a little too much net to his far side. He looks to be searching for any opportunity to play the puck. Not many chances when there are no penalties.

LMAO. Planet USA passes up to some Cherry-Picking Bastard who comes in on Barry on a breakaway. Barry lunges at him and catches him with his stick to send him spinning into the corner with the puck. CPB passes across the crease and Barry has to do a big jump to keep from letting the puck hit his skates and potentially go in the net.

Crowd was all, "OHHHH!!!!" and I'm all, "Yeah, bitches. Don't you wish your goalie was hot like mine?" *snap*

Of course, these hoser announcers are too busy yapping with the GM of the Sharks to appropriately appreciate what was happening on the ice. In fact, every shot on Barry, they're all, "Oh, great chance for [shooter]" but no love for the goalie making the save. Why aren't they in awe of his radiant awesomeness? Dingleberries.

Wow, they just said Brusty got an assist on one of the Canada goals, and it's the first time a goalie has gotten an assist in an AHL All Star Game!

And then the same guy who scored on him before picked off Barry's pass up the center of the ice, brought it back in and ripped it 5 hole.

But anyway, stellar period for Brusty given the lack of defensive play. Only 3 goals but plenty more impressive saves and opportunity to show his personality as a goalie. Straight up badass, that guy.

Wait up. Hold the phone. Did I just see a big wad of dip in Brusty's lip in the locker room there? Augh. Why you gotta do that nasty redneck shit, man? *sigh* Gross. So not hot.

HAT TRICK for LOCKE! Atta boy!

Oh boy. Schultzie... Weims could use a hug about now. He's looking very much like he wishes the clock would tick down a little faster. Just getting lit up left and right.

FOURTH GOAL for LOCKE! And an AHL ASG record with those 4 goals!

Pretty cool to have both guys creating some "firsts" tonight. Also, the highest scoring AHL ASG ever.

However, thanks to a pretty bad third period for Canada defensively, Planet USA wins 14-11. It stayed close enough to be interesting.

Okay. The fake hockey is done for the season. Back to beating the crap out of each other. Yay!

Update: Here's the article in the Chron about the game. Nice quotes from Locker and Brusty. Love the joke about getting a second assist for his give-away that led to a goal. Heh.


CenterIce  January 27, 2009 at 11:20 AM  

If it wasn't for Planet USA scoring 9 goals in the third, I'm pretty sure Locke would've been MVP of that game.

Of course, I can't feel to bad that a guy from Huntsville, Alabama, got MVP instead. Gives me hope that there may be an NHL prospect out of Houston within my lifetime. ;)

Ms. Conduct  January 27, 2009 at 11:23 AM  

Yeah, Weims kinda stunk it up there in the third. But I agree, it's nice to see a southern kid make good in the pros.

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