Saturday, May 29, 2010

Poorly Equiped

I don't have a lot to compare it to, since I've only been to one other Aeros equipment sale, but dude... where the hell was all the stuff? Seemed like there was maybe 1/4 the amount of stuff as there was last year.

Good in a way, because I didn't have to hem and haw about wanting something I didn't really need, like another practice sweater. Glad I got a couple last year so I'm set for a long time. They're nearly indestructible.

My main goal was to get a new stick, and I had all three goalie's sticks to choose from and no other smelly goalies picking thru them with me, so I had plenty of time to get what I wanted. Okay, to get what I needed. I WANTED a Brusty stick, but I'm not spending $75 on a stick I can't use and his is a bit too tall for me.

And since I can't play the puck to save my life, I wasn't sure how much I'd like the rollercoaster-esque curve he uses. I almost got one just to play around with it. And also so I could make lots of "I'm gonna go play with Brusty's stick"-type jokes. Because I'm a 12 year old boy like that.

But again, I'm too cheap.

I thought Dubie's sticks might be a contender because he's a midget like me. But his sticks are even bigger than Brusty's! I just shook my head at that. I mean, these suckers are like 8' long. Not really but damn. What's a 5'8" guy doing with a goal stick as big as a guy who's 6'2"?

 I know style has a lot to do with it, but he doesn't have any of that either, so...


I ended up getting another Anton stick and it's exactly like the one I had from last year. Light, not much curve, good paddle height. Bang. I'm happy. And there were a bunch of his old Sherwood ones, since he switched to an RBK stick during the season (guess he took those with him). I really should have gotten two. Hmm. Guess I could always just make an offer on another one now that the sale is over.

Once that was settled, I poked around in the goalie gear a bit. Dubie's chest protector was there. Super heavy, and he had some sheets of gel padding adhered to the bicep pads. Wonder if it helps. Could use some of that.

There was also a really nice, brand new Brian's c/a. I didn't see a name stitched in it but I think they wanted $500 for it. Um. No. But it was nice. Very light, nice construction.

Two sets of Brusty's pads, plus a couple of brand new blockers and some gloves were available, too. As much as I love to wallow in all things Brusty, I know how rank and filthy goalie gloves get, so I only tried on the new ones. Love a new blocker. They're so cushy and clean. Nearly asked Crazy Jim to throw a roll of tape at me so I could blocker it into the corner, but decided that would be weird to a non-goalie. :) But you goalies get me, right? Of course you do.

They did have a pair of Dubie's pads that probably would come close to fitting me but well... no thanks.

Anyway, I got myself a stick, I didn't have to wait in line or fight crowds, so I'm calling it a success, even if the selection of stuff was rather weak.

What sucked, my friends, was having to watch people play on the ice. :( That nearly brought me to tears when I was leaving. One of the guys I play with on Mondays was playing in that particular game (there's a tournament there this weekend). He's good and I miss playing with him. I miss all of it. *sigh*


Friday, May 28, 2010

Ms. Meniscus

Well, doc upped the ante on the knee saga today by declaring the need for an MRI on my lousy peg. The knee is still swollen nearly 5 weeks after the injury, and there is still pain in certain situations (particularly bread and butter goalie situations).

He thinks I have a torn medial meniscus, so we need to get a look inside the knee and see what's really going on. Honestly, I've had trouble with this knee from the beginning, so part of me is relieved to just finally see what's going on and what it will take to get it strong again.

I found myself almost giddy when I got home, actually. I've been sitting around for 5 weeks wondering when it's going to start feeling better, when I can play again, what's wrong, etc. etc. Now I get to get answers. Expensive answers, unfortunately, but... when I'm feeling positive... I think that I could play for another 15 years if I want to. I might even not suck so consistently at some point!

So taking some time now to get things right is worth it. I don't know what it will entail yet, because as I'm learning, a lot about meniscus tears revolves around where the tear is and what kind it is. Here's a great page I found on it.

I'll get an MRI next week, doc will have a peek at it, and we'll figure out what to do. Progress! Sweet sweet progress!

Meanwhile, I've told Monday I'm basically out of the rotation until they hear otherwise. This breaks my heart. But I'll get better and I'll get back in there.

Not sure what to do about novice. I've paid for this season and got hurt the week before the season started. So I may see if they can just give me a credit for the season and I'll pick it back up when I'm ready to go again.

But who knows what the verdict will be. I'm just happy to be moving forward. This probably sounds weird but I feel like I can just relax and be hurt now instead of constantly worrying about what I could/should be doing to get better.

Aeros equipment sale is tomorrow, but my plans for going to buy a new stick feel pretty pointless and depressing tonight. It's like I don't want to think too far ahead right now, but I know I'll need a new stick eventually, so I might was well get a deal while the gettin's good.

The Khudobin stick I bought last year is basically being held together with hockey tape on the edges of the paddles. Totally stole that trick from Mr. April in the Aeros calendar this year, otherwise, I would have needed a new stick by now.


Marcum today. Cecil tomorrow. As I tweeted earlier when the Jays went up 5-0 on Baltimore, "The #bluejays are baseball porn. Just whipping it out and going to town. I adore them."


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why Richards' goal wasn't spectacular, and Cecil is a pussy

16 hours at the grindstone today, but I got a document out for review that I've been putting off and dancing around and dreading for weeks now. Mainly because the first time I submitted it for review, it was so wildly hated by the reviewers that they wouldn't even finish reviewing it. Um. Oops.

Okay, so I laid an egg. It turned into a semi-federal case, and so I've been terrified to put my neck out there again with a second revision. But it HAD to go out. I'll just take my lumps. If I'm not up to the task, then I'm not up to the task. Some days you're Mike Richards and some days you're Marc-Andre Bergeron.

I wore my Hextall Flyers shirt today, but cheered for the Habs. I guess I'm not real superstitious when it's not MY teams in the hunt. I just really love this shirt. Kinda makes me sad that the Flyers are going to the finals, but I think the match up is going to be really fun to watch.

The thing that stood out to me in the game was, of course, Halak's disastrous save attempt to cause the first Flyers goal by Richards.

SOME folks (ahem, Bourney) are determined to label that a spectacular goal. Now I will grant that it was a terrific shift for Richards, but clearly... CLEARLY... that was not a spectacular goal but actually a spectacular save attempt and a rather mundane goal.

I mean, how can an empty net goal with your only impending threat being the itty bitty slapshot committee (Bergeron) swooping in from behind the play be spectacular? You just get up, put the puck on your stick, and toss it in. Big deal.

But the save attempt is what made that goal what it was. Halak, with a song in his heart and ice water in his veins, takes the matter of a big, drifty breakaway into his own hands. He gets a piece of the puck but it slips past him, arms, sticks, and legs flying, Hamrlik in a heap beside him, and Richards recovers in time to take advantage of the pile-up.

My point is, Derek Boogaard coulda put that puck in the net, though if he'd plastered Bergeron like that, MAB would be spending the next 6 months learning to tie his shoes and use a fork again.

What made that awesome was a goalie with flair and brass ones who made a rather exciting decision, didn't get the job done, but still ensured we all got our money's worth out of the game. I mean, really, if you've been watching this series, you KNOW the Habs weren't getting past the Flyers, right? It was so obvious. So, play with gusto. Play like it's the last game you'll play all season. Why not? Why the fuck not?

I loved it, naturally. Been far too long since I got to see some heart attack goaltending. Does the soul good.


I'm really falling for these BlueJays. I posted on FB that I want to get a cat and name it after Brett Cecil. I hope nobody thinks that's some kind of pussy reference... no, I just wanna name a pet after him but the next dog will get a hockey name (current dog has a football name). I dunno, baseball player names just seem right for a cat.

"This is my cat, Cecil." Seems right, doesn't it? God, that would be a fuckin' awesome cat, no question.

Also, I really like how Adam Lind's eyes are squinty like the Blue Jay's logo bird's eye. It's true, isn't it?

Aren't you glad I'm a Jays fan now so I can point out important stuff like this? Never mind that any time I read about the team (even tweets) and there are numbers/stats, my eyes glaze over. Don't bother me with numbers. I'm going off my gut with baseball and I'm liking it.

Urgh. I had a post JaysWin/document drop celebratory beer and spilled some of it. Now the whole office/guest bedroom smells like stale beer. Gross. Goodnight.


Monday, May 24, 2010

I insomniate, therefore I write

Another Sunday, another night without hockey. Sad. Though if I'm being really honest, I miss it less the longer I go without playing.

I think a lot of it is that work is really draining me and I can't imagine working up the energy to play right now. I'm working at least 12 hour days or more during the week and have worked probably 16 hours this weekend, including 11 today. I'm exhausted. And still not caught up to my delivery schedule.

I've never run into something where I just couldn't get it done when I said I would. Even pushing out the deadline once already, I couldn't even meet that one. It's been a long few weeks and it's not going to get a lot better for some time.

But it's okay. I'm doing some good work that I know will be appreciated in the end even if all anybody can see right now are the mistakes, so there's that. Plus, my pretty, pretty, home run hittin' BlueJays are keeping me entertained for a few hours most days, which is one of the little pleasures I'm clinging to right now. Except for you, Kevin Gregg. You make me sad.

Meanwhile, however, I can't freaking sleep to save my life even though I'm exhausted. We've got some kind of chaotic thing going on with a DirecTV installation tomorrow and I'm dreading having strange men crawling all over my house, plus winding down from lots of work, thinking about hockey, etc. Finally just did what I always do: Get out of bed, get on the lappy, and write. We'll see if it helps.

Knee stuff is going pretty well. I went for bike rides Saturday and Sunday. Felt little twinges here and there and definitely felt my legs getting tired much too quickly. So I'm glad I'm reminding them what it feels like to work hard, as opposed to sit at my desk and do nothing all day like they have since I got hurt.

Down to one prednisone a day now and inflammation and swelling continue to go down, though I am icing after doing pretty much anything where I'm up and moving around a bunch. Really hoping I can play next Sunday. I definitely feel like I'm on a path for that if I can just keep improving and getting some strength back over the next few days.

That is all. ZZzzzzzz....

(Meanwhile, I woke up with the damn knee feeling like someone beat it with a hammer all night. This is going really, really well.)


Saturday, May 22, 2010

nhLOL: I can't get away from him

Oh Benoit. Why you gotta go be on a team I give a shit about?

My turnovers are HUGE! And FLAKY!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

I have a list:

  • Now that I get to watch the games rather than just read about them, the BlueJays are making me love them a little more every day. But I don't like that Gregg guy. I REALLY don't like that Gregg guy. If his nickname isn't GasCan Gregg, you BlueJays fans have failed miserably. Closer, my ass.
  • There's a bird on my deck staring at me. Kinda freaking me out. I think he's stalking me.
  • Thank god the Habs that forced me to love them have shown up again. I was kinda feeling used. Clearly... CLEARLY... Pouliot was the key. He shaved. Like it was bad luck making him useless.
  • Oh. Apparently that bird was making eyes at some lady bird next door. They're making out on my deck railing now. I'm gonna look away and give them some privacy. Heavens.
  • Sent an email to Sunday and Monday organizers letting them know I'm out for yet another week. *sob*  Hurt the knee again a couple of nights ago (after I said it was feeling better) while I was SLEEPING. Fuck, man! Today, I walked the dog for a little while and had to come back because it was hurting in a whole new way. So, I dunno. I'm feeling kinda low about that, but...
  • I'm so busy with work, it's honestly a blessing right now to not be distracted by prepping for games, being up late and tired to start out the week, etc. Maybe it was meant to be.
  • Following up with Doc a week from tomorrow to see how things are going. Already wondering how much an MRI is going to cost me out of pocket. Ugh.
  • Sounds like affiliations are set for this year between the NHL and AHL, but next year, the Amerks and Panthers are breaking up (sounds like they'd just dump each other right now if they could). Given the convenience factor, I could really see that being a tempting thing to create a Florida Panthers/Houston Aeros/Florida Everblades. Not that I'd really want to be the Panthers affiliate, though things certainly seem to be looking up for them with Tallon in there. And then maybe the Wild finally friggin' go to Des Moines like everybody seems to want. I dunno. Just thinking out loud.
  • Oh look!!! It's not just me who hates Kevin Gregg! JaysSTAT gave him an unprecedented TWO angry little girls! YES! I like that Harold.
  • I did take my skates to get sharpened though. It was making me tense to have them all jacked up. Like to the point where I was having dreams about it. They were so bad my last game that I had trouble skating off the ice after the game. The edges were just crushed from hitting the pipes. Wish they'd use those rubber guards any time there's not a scoreboard running, like drop-ins and practices. Though I guess since the rinks tend to do the sharpening, they only stand to lose money by doing that.
  • Also making me love him is Client Jaro Halak. He's Brusty-like in his "so calm you wanna poke him to make sure he's breathing" way. Crap, I love that in a goalie. Twitchy goalies... ugh. You little mofos make me stupid nervous.
Okay. Game over. Fun over. Back to work. Gawwwwww....


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Really good things today

  1. The Jays not only won their game, but CRUSHED the Twins. And it was FUN to watch. Some wacky stuff going on. It's like the happy cat was vomiting lens flares all over the place. Welcome back, Edwin!
  2. I got to watch them do it on the big TV because they were on the MLB Network.
  3. Then when a work meeting started and I had to come back to my office, I got to finish watching it on (THANK YOU!)
  4. I'm wearing a Leafs Toskala t-shirt. Nice shirt, too. $6. Feels weird wearing a Leafs shirt because I really don't even give a crap about them, but Tosky's time there was so epic in how much angst and misery surrounded him, the whole thing is perverse and wonderful and warrants a t-shirt.
  5. TWO hockey games tonight!
  6. Work is getting somewhat under control. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. But I'm still listening for a horn.
  7. My knee is feeling better (so of course, I tested it a bit and now it hurts again, but nothing an ice pack didn't set right).
  8. My very nice friend sent me some righteous joint supplements to try out and see if they help my knees. Looking forward to seeing if they work for me. I'm having to accept that my body isn't as low maintenance as it used to be.

Game time! Go Habs! Go... whoever!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Knee Update, cuz I know the wondering is keeping you up nights

So, Prednisone is subtly interesting stuff. Damn shame it's bad for you long term because I feel great. Nothing like a little bit of roids in the system to get things clicking.

Guess I should do some catch up: I finally broke down and went to an orthopedic doc on Friday. The Aeros doc, to be exact, because frankly, I doubt many doctors in Houston really understand the rigors that goaltending in particular puts on joints. So I figure, why not go to the guy who treats them during the season?

It was a good visit and fun to get to "talk shop" and know that he maybe gets it.

Anyway, the x-rays didn't show anything, other than my bones look fine and my knee cap is a little goofy, but he said that had been that way a long time. Of course, my response to that is, "Well, this knee has been annoying for a long time." Just not THIS annoying.

He said either it's the MCL and if it is, it will be good in 2 weeks, or it's probably the meniscus and they'll need to do an MRI if it's not better in 2 weeks. Urgh.

The good news is that it's only been three days and the knee is feeling noticeably better. I don't think I tweaked it but one time today, and that was getting up from sitting on the floor. I'd been tweaking it 6 or 7 times a day and almost that many times during the night.

And it's not as stiff and painful after sitting for a long period, so I'm limping a lot less.

I'm going to add glucosamine to my routine to help my joints out however I can, and I'm trying to add a few little things back into my day, like some light squats and maybe some easy biking, just to keep those joints and muscles going.

I also read another "retraining" type of move where you balance on one leg for 30 secs, then bend the knee a 30 degrees and balance another 30 secs, then another 30 degress for another 30 secs. Work up to doing it with your hands on your hips and then with your eyes closed. Simple but kinda tough. Felt good to remind myself that my muscles do still work.

Got me some gnarly bruises from my deep tissue work with Cheryl Thursday, too. Look like I rode the Kentucky Derby on a golf ball saddle. Not cute. Felt like it, too, but there were plenty of trigger spots and other angry bits in my groin muscles, so she had a lot of work to do.

I, of course, had to bow out of playing Novice tonight and drop-in tomorrow. I completely wrecked my skate blades last time I played (always the mark of a hard fought game, right?) so I'm not letting myself get them sharpened until I can get up off the floor without my knee hurting. At that point, I feel like maybe I can skate a little and see how it feels.

I've been on a rollercoaster about the whole thing. It sucks not to play for a lot of reasons. Really feeds lots of insecurities. But on the bright side, I've managed to finally get caught up somewhat with work without starting my week off in zombie-land. You know, except for tonight where I'm up until 4 a.m. working and screwing around. Shooooot.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Internet is for (Goalie) Porn

This is a bittersweet post, as it is the end of the line for goalie porn this season. I don't have any more photographers willing to take, um, "action" shots for me in the remaining games.

But hey, these are winners so enjoy 'em. Wait, here's some music:

And here's Chicago Wolves goalie Drew MacIntyre in...

I Have Brutal Taste in Gear,
but I Work My Water Bottle Like a Stallion

I feel like I should shove dollar bills in the straps of his pads.

Thanks as always to Chris "Chicka Chicka" Jerina for these shots.


Goalie thighs and other happy places

I'm gonna go ahead and admit that one of my big fascinations with pro goalies is, well, their thighs. Like (god, I can't believe I'm saying this) in my little goalie fantasies, there is definitely some thigh fondling going on. That little fetish didn't start until I started playing goal myself and realized how much thigh strength is required to do many of the simplest things as a goalie. Like, getting up and down, lateral pushes, and of course, that wide, low stance.

That's what made me think of this. Watching Rask stop Leino's penalty shot, they showed a replay from behind the net and I was blown away by how low and wide his stance was, yet he was still mobile. And my first thought was, "Oh my fuck, the groins on that guy!"

It really is just astounding.

Meanwhile, I'm going to get my weak little, completely-not-worth-fondling thigh muscles prodded to death by my wonderful MT tomorrow. Only 30 minutes scheduled because I can't take an hour of that kind of abuse. Really hoping my knee gets some relief, even if other things have to be in pain to do it.

She commented that I take the pain pretty well, but myofacial release on groin muscles is different from calf muscles. I guarantee I'll be going to my happy place and doing some yoga breathing to get through it.


My happy place used to be in a hammock on a beach, but now it's press row at hockey. That's completely dysfunctional, I'm pretty sure, but I just don't care.


So I've been working so much this week, I realized today, I haven't left my house since Monday. Today, I finally walked out the door and took the dog around the block. My neighbor was nice enough to roll my garbage can up to the front of the house. My mailbox was stuffed to the gills (all junk, thanks).

At least tomorrow I get to leave for a couple of hours since I have a couple of errands to run after my MT appointment.


Jaroslav Halak is sending me loves notes. He defends his crease, he makes ballsy passes up the ice, he challenges out in the CIRCLES, bitches. WTF? Who has the stones to play like that when your season is on the line? Only a really confident sonofabitch, that's who. God bless him.

I hate to be a bandwagoner but he makes me wanna riot in the streets. I'm not sure he's human. I think he may be a long lost Sedin. Part zombie, part robot. I dunno.


I honestly do not care who win the Flyers-Bruins game seven. I'm just happy it went to that, so Montreal gets a little rest. But I guess this means no hockey tomorrow night. Reminds me of the day not far off when there will be no hockey any night. I hate that day.

But by then, I will have my Toskala t-shirt and that will sustain me for weeks. Maybe months.


My new nightly bedtime routine is to catch up on the Jays with Mike Wilner's blog and podcast of his post-game radio show. Man, what a bunch of idiots that call in. Apparently lots of people don't like him because he does come off kinda cocky, but frankly, when you're so much more logical than everybody else you're interacting with, I think cockiness is unavoidable.

I totally meant to work some more before bed tonight, but that plan turned into this, and now Mr. Wilner and his idiot caravan of callers are singing to me instead. Goodnight!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Vesa is Mine

Did you ever notice Vesa rearranged is Save?

Anyway, I just ordered this shirt. If you know me, you don't I don't part with money easily when it's for stuff I don't really need, but when I saw this on Twitter for $6, I knew I'd regret it forever if I didn't buy it.

The fact that this shirt even exists is funny, much less a sieve like me wearing it. It's aces. Just 110% aces, my friends. I cannot wait for it to get here. And for $9.99 shipping, it better fuckin' get here in a hurry.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Quick Hits: HGH, down with Cosmo, yay Jays, other stuff

Seriously, isn't there something The Man can inject in my knee to make it better by, say, Thursday? Hell, I'm willing to give it until Saturday. Okay, Sunday at 9:30 p.m.?

Whatever, I just really feel aimless not being able to play hockey. I can't even imagine what that's like when it's your job. At least I can still do my job (thank heavens I do that a little better than I play goal). But really, would a little bit of human growth hormone or whatever it is the studs take on the hush-hush to heal up faster be such a big ask for this weekend warrior?

Fine. I'm just grumpy. I don't just miss playing. I miss walking without a limp. I miss being able to move around without worrying about tweaking my knee.

That said, it does seem to be getting the tiniest bit better. But I'm still missing my second weekend in a row of being on the ice and that sucks. I've already committed to playing next Monday, and of course, Sunday for Novice, so I'm really hoping I'm good enough by then.

Honestly, it's a shitload harder to make the decision not to play than it is to just "man up" and play anyway.  Staying home carries a lot more fear and insecurity than playing hurt does. Fear of looking like a sissy, of losing  your spot, of being deemed "unreliable", etc. It sucks.

Have I mentioned my shoulder is jacked up, too? Yeah, 35 is turning out great. Maybe me and DiPietro can lick each others... wounds....

One thing I did kinda figure out is that this pain feels and behaves very much like my achilles tendinitis did. So now I'm looking at the solutions that fixed that and seeing if maybe they help with this. It involves deep, extremely painful massage of the damaged muscles in my groin and calf, which I'm trying to do myself for now, but I may end up seeing if my MT can work on me, too. We'll see. At least it's a direction to go in for now.


So, I got my haircut last week, which rocked cuz I don't do it often. They have a new guy working there and he got his claws in me and waxed my brows, too. The shape is amazing. Queer Eye for the Hockey Girl, it was.

Anyway, while I was waiting, I was reading a Cosmo magazine for the first time since my early 20s. I quit reading magazines like that back then because I realized they were just warping my sense of self and my self esteem.

It really struck me while reading the feature article on Lada Gaga. Now, I'm not a big Gaga fan, but I respect her for pretty much showing up, doing things her way, and being a huge success at it. But this interview with her was literally question after question about men, relationships, etc.

I get that that's Cosmo's angle, but damn, here's a chance to feature a woman who kicked ass on her own terms and all they wanna know is what she looks for in a man? Who gives a shit? The whole article, I kept wishing she'd just say, "I'm a lesbian. So, can we talk about me now? *I* don't even care who I'm fucking as much as you people care!"

Anyway, I was reminded why I don't even bother with those mags. I'm convinced they turn you vapid and needy and encourage women to be someone they're not just to please men. Well, not YOU personwhoreadsMsConductANDCosmo, but the rest of them. You know who I'm talking about.

Not to say I haven't had a few glaring moments of hypocrisy on this front.... damn goalies.

Hey, and while I'm on empowering women, if you're ever in a "crazy bitch with subtitles" kinda mood, dial up La Femme Nikita (Luc Besson's French version) on Netflix or wherever and enjoy. I haven't watched it in years but that was on heavy rotation back in my 20s. If I ever get my name put on a jersey, I'm gonna put Nikita. She'd stop your puck and kill you before you're done with your follow-through.


How about my freaking Blue Jays!!?! I'm totally taking credit for how lens flare and happy cat they are this season. Yeah, I know they haven't played anyone. Shut up. Let me enjoy it before angry little girl sets in.


Just learned that they make Stetson Black... which is apparently the "sexy" Stetson fragrance. Um. Jesus.

Speaking of tingling down there, look who made it on to a fake billboard for the Aeros! Seeks it, huh? Heh.

Honestly, if that were a real billboard, I'd would find a reason to drive that way no matter where I'm going. "I'm going to Katy, but, uh, I'm gonna swing by Pearland first."


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away

Up late working, as is my life now. I actually took the evening off but felt so "unaccomplished" when I went to bed that I had to get up and put a few more hours in to feel like I'd actually gotten enough done today.

I've about decided that my perfect schedule is to get up early and work until about 2. Take a nap while it's too hot to think. Take care of stuff around the house, have dinner, watch playoff hockey (that goes on all summer, right? Right?!) and then around 10 put another 3-4 hours in. I would be super productive if I could do that.

As it is, I get up early, work until 1, sit on conference calls all afternoon while trying NOT to fall asleep (I sometimes don't succeed... thank god for mute button), then wander around in a stupor for a few hours wanting to go to bed, and then when it IS time to go to bed, I get my second wind and want to work again.

I like the late night because all my internet distractions are at a minimum. The biggest distraction is the occasional Facebook post from my west coast friends and @TeleEroticist tweeting her adventures as a phone sex operator (frankly, it's a must-follow if you're cool with some pervy shit). Anyway, I get a lot done without TweetDeck pinging at me and checking email and whatnot.


This is my new Facebook profile photo. It makes me deliriously happy. I love Marty. I love cheeseburgers. I wanna have a monster liquor and cheeseburger party with Marty. We'd totally laugh just like this a whole bunch. *sigh*

Thanks for passing that along to me, Chris Jerina!


Went to Dr.Dan today to get poked and cracked. He identified my psoas muscle as the culprit of my janky pelvic bone. I was amazed when I got home and read more about this muscle. It's basically, in cow terms, the tenderloin and controls a lot of really important movement in the lower back and hips. So when it's messed up, it can cause a huge chain of problems, including knee pain, lower pack pain, hip pain, legs different lengths, etc etc.

We decided that 3 months is about how long I can go from adjustment to adjustment. Month 4 is when I get injured.

He cracked all kinds of other stuff, too, especially my neck, making lots of happy mutterings at the "movement" he was feeling along the way. I dunno. I still don't really buy chiropractic and yet I can't really argue with the results I get. I'm always afraid the more I get adjusted, the more I'll need adjusting. But I know if I went to a traditional doc, I'd probably just get some pain killers and a "keep an eye on it" instruction. Bleh. Wrong answer.

Anyway, it sucked not playing Sunday or Monday. I switched to not play this upcoming Monday, but I'll probably try to play Sunday at Novice. Still quite a bit of stiffness in my knee but I'm hoping by then, it will be good enough to muddle through. Worst case, I'll be forced to practice pad stacks.

Okay, so I couldn't stay away from the blog. I guess I just have stuff to say regardless of how busy I am. Whether it's interesting or not is another story.

Off to try and sleep again.


Sunday, May 2, 2010


So, given I don't have much time even for hockey, my grand plans of becoming a part time baseball aficionado are scratched. But I am trying to keep up with the Jays (though if they were smart, they'd send me a t-shirt and ask me to please kindly follow anybody else in their division... If the NHL playoffs are any indication, I'm a jinx.)

And I found the awesomest blog for the Cliff's Notes I need to keep tabs on the Jays in about 5 seconds a day. Perfect! I HAVE 5 seconds!

It's Jays STAT, where the relative failure or success of a particular game is indicated with lens flares, happy cats, or angry little girls, with a few little stats to explain why. It's perfection.

I totally want to steal this for the Aeros next year in lieu of stick figures. BUT THAT WOULD REQUIRE PHOTOS! GUH.

And yes, I know I said I wouldn't be posting much. Given this is mostly baseball related, you hockey-centric folks can pretend it didn't happen. ;) Honestly, I spent the 4 hour drive from my parents house working today. I figure that's enough for a Sunday.


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