Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wild Pre-season Line-up: Game 5

Against Buffalo at home, here's the expected line-up:

Veilleux, Koivu, Miettinen, Pouliot, Brunette, Sheppard, Boogaard, Weller, Bouchard, Nolan, Belanger, Kolanos

Scott, Mojzis, Schultz, Burns, Cuma, Reitz

Harding, Backstrom

Not many youts in the line-up tonight other than on D. Pretty much guarantees I won't bother listening. Which leads me to something else that may get me kicked out of Wild Nation: I don't much care for the way Tom Reid and Bob Kurtz call the game.

There. I said it.

It's very difficult to follow the game listening to them. If you're gonna yak about stuff, do it between plays and during the 40 minutes of intermission. And when the puck is moving, call the damn action. I'm not watching it on TV so I need YOU guys to paint the picture in my head.

So, that said, I'm sending up a prayer to the hockey gods: These dudes aren't exactly spring chickens and when their time to retire comes along, PLEASE OH PLEASE get Jason Shaver into his rightful spot in the Al Shaver Press Box!


In other news, Ryan Hamilton and Crack Squirrel were released this morning. Sorry guys, but good to have you back. I still don't understand why Justin Falk is still at camp. Anybody? Bueller?

Aeros vets just hit the ice for an optional skate down in Sugar Land. I can feel it in my bones, baby. Hockey's back in Houston!


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