Monday, October 6, 2008

Outlook for the Week

Don't hate me because I'll be here this time tomorrow.

Well, maybe not THIS exact time, but tomorrow anyway. Meanwhile, back in Houston, quite a few hockey hearts will be crushed at the news of being cut and sent to the CHL or ECHL, and a few will be soaring on the news that they've managed to stick with the Houston Aeros. I'm looking forward to hearing who will fill those last gaps in the roster, so I'll definitely be checking in.

Apparently there is a media day on Wednesday, so I'm looking forward to good reports from the homefront. Then I'm guessing Thursday and Friday will be practice and then Saturday... HOCKEY. Hockey that MATTERS.

Saturday's line-up: Head straight from the airport to the Toyota Center for my novice league game which starts around noon. Hopefully we'll get to catch the end of the boys doing a bit of a morning skate after we get suited up. They introduce each of us, play the national anthem, music at the stoppages, and the whole shebang. Pretty cool deal.

Then it's home to watch the DVR'd Texas/Oklahoma game. My Horns should be feeling pretty confident, but I hear the Sooners are good this season. Should be a good game. There may be some napping at this point, and definitely some eating.

Then it's back to the TC for the first Aeros game, where I'll be sitting with our novice team but taking notes for my next article and again practicing being neutral. And I'll be avoiding the "out of town scores" when they put them on the big board during intermissions because...

THEN it's back home to watch the DVR of Wild v. Bruins and the NHL regular season debut of the Wild's power forward of the future, Colton Gillies. Welcome to the NHL, peanut!


Kirsten  October 7, 2008 at 11:08 AM  

I'm pretty excited about Gillies. When I got a text about his making the team, I squeed a little bit, not gonna lie.

hipcheck  October 8, 2008 at 3:23 PM  

Oh I am jealous. I want to be in that picture! haha

The closest I am getting to that is Anaheim Sunday/Monday. (Coyotes game and beach)

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