Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kolanos reassigned to Houston; other stuff

Aeros new offensive stud, Krys Kolanos, is returning to the fold as Marek Zidlicky and Pierre Marc Bouchard look to be healing up from their injuries.

Also, it seems the Emmerson call-up from yesterday was to facilitate loaning him to the Rochester Americans.

Andrew predicts doozies against Manitoba Friday and Saturday, and after looking at their roster, I agree. I don't follow other AHL team's players, but boy, I recognize a lot of names. Particularly Zach FitzGerald, who sucker punched Reitz last season and then got completely schooled by a truly angry John Scott. Rawr!

I just ordered up the AHL Live package so I can watch the away games. You can watch the archives for free (so I don't have to watch away games in real time, which is fantastic) so I've pulled up Sunday's game in San Antonio... Looks pretty good! There are obvious compromises in quality, but it's better than not seeing the games at all. Exciting!


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