Friday, October 3, 2008

Aeros v. Rampage 10/3

Well, that was a helluva game. And boy do the Aeros look different this year. The offensive additions are noticeable big time and not just on the scoreboard but in the style of play. Last season was dump and chase or dump and change seemingly non-stop. This season there is a much stronger tendency toward a puck possession style of play. However, a fairly high number of goals got past the Aeros goalies, which is uncharacteristic and tells me the defense isn't up to last year's standards yet (no surprise with all the new guys playing).

And let me just get the bitching out of the way up front: the real reporters got a nice quiet spot up in one of the Aeros offices overlooking the rink while Ms. Conduct was surrounded by shrieking children, cheerleaders, and sporting a wicked headache. I'm joking, at least about being mad. Jealous, yes. Next time I'll know to get there an hour ahead of time and nail a spot up high at center ice. I was down too far in the Aeros defensive end so I only got to watch our offense for one period. Regardless, it was still fun and since I'm still practicing being neutral, the noise drowned out the times when I gasped and slapped my hand over my mouth on a couple amazing (but unlikely) saves by Dimples or muttered something under my breath at the players. Gonna have to practice yoga breathing while I watch the hockey. :)

On to the good stuff:

  • Schaefer was still in his weird pads. What's up with that? He played the first two periods, then switched out with Dimples, and then switched again for the shootout. Schaef was very good. Dimples was a bit lost a couple of times but then also had a couple of AMAZING *gasp* saves. Do we have another Harding on our hands? Though to his credit, the two that got past him were pretty shifty plays by SA. Not easy saves at all.
  • Stoner wore the C, as predicted, with Albers and Olvecky sporting the As.
  • I'm gonna go ahead and guess that John Lammers is gonna get a job with the Aeros. He had two goals in back to back shifts and the GWG in the shootout. The guy just has a knack for where to put the puck. Very very nice. He played mostly with Rosa and Olvecky and that line was scary and obviously had great chemistry. Of course, Rosa and Olvecky are both good playmakers, as evidenced by the Stoner goal to tie the game on which they both assisted. In all, Lammers, Rosa, and Olvecky had 3 points each on the night.
  • Ryan Lang (via Albers and Deitsch) had the third goal of the game.
  • I didn't keep track, but Dane Crowley had a shitload of penalty minutes. And most of it completely unnecessary. One was a fight with friggin' Adam Keefe, who, I'm pretty sure sleeps outside with the wolves and eats out of the trash. Dude is one scruffy, scary mofo. Crowley looked like a deer in headlights when they were lining up against each other. And it was over in an instant when Keefe threw Crowley on the ice.
  • One thing that does look pretty similar to last year is the mind-numbing power play. Pass pass pass pass pass pass pass... but on the flip side, the penalty kill is really strong, even though the first goal of the game was on a San Antonio PP, it took SA a good 1:30 to even get the puck into their offensive zone. The boys were just completely shutting them down in the neutral zone. It was a thing of beauty. Until it wasn't and they got one past Schaefer.
  • Game ended up tied and went through overtime into the shootout. The goalies put on a shootout clinic only allowing one goal each (Madsen and Spina) until Lammers finally got one past Tordjman in the 8th round of shooters.
  • As usual, it was a hard fought win and a lot of fun to watch, even if my seats sucked. ;)
And now my headache is mostly gone so I'm gonna go sleep the sleep of the dead for a few hours. Huzzah for Advil!

Hip: I don't believe either of the d-men you wanted me to watch were actually playing tonight. I looked for them but didn't see them.


hipcheck  October 4, 2008 at 10:01 AM  

Congrats on the win, although I wish it would have went the other way. :)
Ok, two things:
One. Adam Keefe is a monster. He will fight anyone, anytime (kind of reminds me of Carcillo, a scrappy middle weight fighter who will go with the heavys). And yes, he has really bad hair. I will have to have my friend read this, she loves Keefe.
Two. Why the fuck was Tordjy in goal? He was the worse goalie in all of camp. Montoya or G would have been much better choices. (Sorry for the f-bomb, I just can't believe he was in after the camp he had)

Ms. Conduct  October 4, 2008 at 10:08 AM  

Yeah, I didn't notice who the backup was, but he played fine. We just have some nifty offense now. Maybe they weren't expecting that. :)

Ms. Conduct  October 4, 2008 at 11:56 AM  

Thought you'd like that. He limped off the ice and sat on the bench cringing for a few minutes late in the game, but then managed to finish the game. Not sure if it was an ankle or knee or what. Something from an awkward collision. Hopefully he's okay.

Life_As_A_Redhead  October 4, 2008 at 11:58 AM  

"Gonna have to practice yoga breathing while I watch the hockey."

Ha, ha. I am SO going to give this a try myself. I get wound so tight, I actually forget to breath.

Ms. Conduct  October 4, 2008 at 12:10 PM  

It was an interesting transformation watching the game with relative disinterest (because believe me, I'm out of my seat and Off The Hook when I'm in fan mode). On the one hand, it really really sucked to miss out on the "he shoots he scores hey goalie you suck" chant. But I stared really hard at the goalie and thought it at him. :) But on the other hand, all the silly crap that they do during the game, like the cheerleaders and the dog and whatnot, doesn't irritate and/or embarrass me when I'm not "a fan." It's like a "hey, this ain't my team, buncha yahoos" zen state of mind. It was nice letting that angst go. It's much easier to focus on the play when you're not wound up on the emotional side of things. I'm a pretty mellow person naturally so it actually suited me pretty well, though like I said, a few scary almost-goals-against got the better of me.

hipcheck  October 4, 2008 at 3:16 PM  

But on the other hand, all the silly crap that they do during the game, like the cheerleaders and the dog and whatnot, doesn't irritate and/or embarrass me when I'm not "a fan."

Haha, our dancer are gone this year. I actually miss them and I've heard a lot of people who disliked the dancers say they wouldn't mind them back. Now we have two intermissions with stupid games. And we have to see more of the stupid squad that does the promotions and they do not look as happy/excited to be at the games as the dancers!

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