Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dropping like flies in Minny; Clutterbuck called up

First, Butch's back starts acting up so bad that he just hops on the first plane out of Atlanta to go lay down for a few days. And then Olden Nolen hurts himself. That's two forwards down and none on the bench.

Guess the voodoo the boys down here are doing on their Wild dolls is working, because it's likely someone's getting a call tomorrow to fly to Florida. Plenty of guys earned the chance in camp, so it will be interesting to see who gets the call, if anybody. Lemaire said post-game it would probably be Clutterbuck.

Settling into the Kings/Ducks game, which is in HD and has some fancy new "Rinkside View" so that should be cool. Go Kings!

UPDATE: The Almighty Russo has confirmed it: "Cal Clutterbuck is on his way up from AHL Houston." Presumably he'll play against the Panthers on Thursday at 6:30 Central. Give 'em hell, Cluts.

So, who plays in Houston? Lammers or Kassian? (Royal figures Kassian and I think he'll be proven correct.)


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