Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hockey Saturday

Unfortunately, I'm going the whole week without skating, so I'm likely gonna suck and be miserable tomorrow night, but I don't really care. I'm still looking forward to the big city-wide novice league championship tomorrow (okay, perhaps that description is a bit overblown). :) Though I'm so tired today, I feel like I played last night.

The expected roster for tonight:

G - Shaef, Dimples

D - Crowley (why?), Albers, Stoner, Brocklehurst, Adams, Jernberg

Lines (just a stab, but notice how we have 3 lines that have a decent chance of scoring? How novel!):

Schultz, Locke, Lammers
Ryznar, Lundbohm, Hamilton
Kalus, Madsen, Olvecky
Soares, Lang, Kassian

Assuming the C and As will stay the same for now since all three are back in this game.

Based on this line-up, I think you can make some assumptions about who is getting a good look: Ryznar, Lammers, Soares, Lang, and Crowley (why?).

Sadly, I'm not going to the game. Saving my road trip hall passes for games that matter, but I'm sure Andrew will have a good report for us.

As for the Wild, they're playing what will likely be their "healthy" lineup for the season tonight in Montreal (until Gaborik is traded for a couple of third liners and a scrub or two). Gillies, Pouliot, and Reitz all seem to have made the cut for now. Last night, Lemaire said Backs is starting in goal and Brusty is backing him up, but Shipley's blog said Brusty is starting. I don't believe it, but, of course, I want to believe. :)

ETA: Shipley was wrong, but that's okay because Backs had a great shut-out and the Wild won 3-0.


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