Monday, October 27, 2008

Random late Sunday thoughts

  1. Hockey was fun tonight. Thanks to Michael for MAKING me go over the boards rather than using the gate. I hate doing it but I know I've needed to just suck it up and get used to it. I'm a chicken shit. And I still hate it, but I'm doing it anyway. Thanks for just forcing it on me.
  2. Aeros lost but I haven't watched the game and won't until tomorrow. I'm too tired to be objective tonight. I know they lost. AND I know that my AHL Nemesis Andre Deveaux got a goddamned hatty. Now that smarts, I tell ya. I just wanted to beat that guy down last season when he played for Chicago.
    Dear Andre,
    I know you're a good guy and all, but man, you made me mad last season (which I realize is your job). I just need to give you one good punch in the arm and then we can be friends, okay? I'm weak so I promise it won't hurt, but it will make me feel better.
    Ms. Conduct
  3. My hands stink, which tells me it's time to fill the tub and give my gear a bath. Pew. That's high on the agenda tomorrow for sure.
  4. My apologies to whoever on the red team I called a "fucker" when he got the puck from me. I'm sorry. You're not a fucker, fucker. But that was my puck and you took it and, well, sometimes words just come out.
  5. So tired. Advil and sleep on the agenda in the next 10 minutes. Busy week ahead. Tomorrow night the Wild play Chicago. Tuesday night I'm working the Aeros game. Wednesday, we head to Dallas for the day and then will catch the Stars v. Wild game that night and drive home after. Then Captain Koivu vs. Captain Koivu on Thursday night as the Wild and Montreal go head to head. Then more Aeros games Friday and Sunday. Phew!


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