Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh boy. Here goes!

I just placed an order that completes my goalie gear acquisitions, at least for getting started. The only things I'll need to replace is the chest & arm protector (the one I have is a bit small, but it will do until I can get to Dallas and try some on) and the glove and blocker (but that should last me a while, I hope).

So, here's the rundown:

  • C/A is a used Brian's Pro something or other. Feels like a lot when it's on but doesn't look as huge as most of them nowadays.
  • Glove and blocker are some old Cooper Reactors that look to be in good shape. I figure having them broken in isn't a bad thing. Of course, they don't match the rest of my gear, but whatever.
  • Mask is a black Hackva with a certified cage. Supposed to be absolutely the best mask for the money, so I'm really excited about that.
  • Pants are RBK 6K in black.
  • Pads are RBK 6K "Pro Spec" 34" all white with silver accents (like the photo except the black part is white)
  • RBK lexan dangler
  • Vaughn neck and clavicle protector
  • Itech goalie jill
  • Free GoalieMonkey jersey in grey (or whatever color they decide to send me if there's no grey)
All that's left is to figure out what to wear on my legs. I need to hit Academy later so I'll see what might work there.


Nick in New York  November 16, 2008 at 9:03 AM  


If you're like I was the first time I ordered my gear, you'll be running home to see if those big boxes are there yet every day until they arrive. I wanted to kiss the UPS guy when they finally arrived.

What did you get for sticks?

Ms. Conduct  November 16, 2008 at 11:38 AM  

Well, I work from home... the main thing is that I need to fix our broken doorbell so I'll know the SECOND it gets here. :D As if the dog going apeshit at the sound of the UPS truck isn't enough...

We have two games the weekend after Thanksgiving so it should all be here by then and I can really dive in. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. About 180 degress from how I felt about playing out.

I'm not sure about my stick situation. I have one and from everything I've read, it's the right size for me, but man, it's heavy and I'm not very good with it. When I pick up intermediates of the same stick at the pro shop, they feel so much better in terms of my ability to move it around easily. But I think I'm just weak and will need to build up strength in my stick-handling arm. Anyway, it's a RBK 6K Huet.

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