Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day, but who cares... there's hockey on

So, Kolanos got a goal on his first shift with the Wild against the Sharks. And it came from Pouliot.

Sometimes life just likes to mess with you.

Also, the Aeros have sent John Adams down to the ECHL and, thanks to my alerting them that they a little short on forwards, have signed center Craig Valette from the Stockton Thunder to a PTO.

He's spent the last two seasons in the AHL with the Worcester Sharks and isn't a big goal scorer but consistently has PIM in the 90s, and I think a little toughness up front isn't a bad move. You're obviously not going to replace Kolanos' scoring, so you might as well get someone in who doesn't mind shoving guys around a bit.

Oh, another comment from the Wild/Sharks game... Cal got "jumped" for the first time as an NHLer! Not that I'm excited about it. I was shrieking, "GET OFF MY CAL! GET THE F**K OFF MY CAL!" Yeah, I'm cool like Fonzie. Now if they just could have gotten a goal from the penalty he drew...


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