Thursday, November 13, 2008

Funny story from the road

I read Stanzel's blog about everything he goes through to make the players' travel convenient and timely and comfortable, and I recognize that I would be absolutely awful at such a job and have quite a bit of respect for it as such.

So, Joe O'Donnell's tale of woe about Patrick Armstrong, Stanzel's equivalent for the Aeros, is particularly painful and funny. Check out his latest blog post here.

What struck me is that Justin Falk was the only one to get behind Patrick. Is he just a really nice kid or maybe thinks he'll get more press if he sucks up to the media guy? Either way, I thought that was kinda charming.

The boys have had quite a few days to recouperate and hopefully see some friends and family, being so close to home for some of them. Nice little recharge. Here's hoping it pays off on the ice Friday and beyond.


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