Friday, November 28, 2008

Come on, man!

I didn't comment on the Covered in Oil "blogger vs. team" debacle a few weeks ago. I understand the organization's perspective, but I'm also a fan, a blogger, and a reasonable person, so I can certainly relate to the blogger's position. I figure if I'm gonna sit on the fence about it, I don't really have any business commenting.

However, my other favorite juniors blogger, Wrap Around Curl, who writes about the Spokane Chiefs (Justin Falk's old team) has run into a different flavor of blogger vs. team smack-down. In this case, she is not credentialed by the team and has no relationship with the team. She's just a fan with a great blog.

But apparently the Chiefs organization has dropped a few lawyerly nastygrams on her with regard to the use of photos of the team, the t-shirts and other gear she has for sale, and more. You can read about it here.

Now, I kinda get the issues with the shirts and stuff, though I think they're pretty cool and if the organization were smart, they'd get in on that action and make them official. But I can understand them having an issue with someone profiting off one of their player's names.

However, when it comes to her blog, they're ridiculous for trying to restrict the images and other content she posts. I'm too lazy to get into a whole thing here so I'll just drop to the bottom line: Wrap is the kind of fan teams should be falling all over themselves for.

Visible, knowledgable, spirited, funny, smart, committed. These are the fans teams should be cultivating. They spread the word of the team from a "by a fan for the fans" perspective that's approachable and fresh and engaging. Sure, she may say things that make the team PR guy squirm a little (to which I say "Stop being so square, man!"), but it's ultimately harmless and in the spirit of fun and appreciation for the team. Isn't that what being a hockey fan is about?

And once again I find myself grateful to write about an organization that has been pretty easy going and welcoming, even though my press pass is based on my ProHockeyNews association and not my blog. Rock on, Aeros.

And good luck, Wrap. And please join the rest of us in 2008, Chiefs.


wrap around curl  November 28, 2008 at 11:37 AM  

Thank you so much!

Seriously, I often wonder if the Chiefs organization know how the internet works.

Vern  December 2, 2008 at 8:46 AM  

The profit obtained from those shirts is so negligible that it's not worth a team worrying about.

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