Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fantasy Hockey: Week 4

I lost a week in there somewhere but it suffices to say that I still suck and thank you Marty Suckin' Turco for that. Oh yeah, and the rest of you goalies except Millsy.

Actually, I'm #4 in the Wildbloggers league, which is pretty good. Though I think I was up against someone this week who has abandoned his team.

I'm in the basement in the Russoville league, even though I won my match-up this week. But our Commish does a great write-up each week, and being in the bottom assures me of getting a mention. And really, negative attention is still attention. Thanks Kev. I'm sure someone, somewhere is sanding down that wooden spoon for me...

And finally, in my Wild Message Board league, I'm about where a D would be on the grading scale (not a defenseman, but the letter grade). Not falling off the bottom but certainly at the bottom of the middle of the pack. I lost by one point last week and I'm already losing every category this week. Yay. Go team.

Amazingly, in my Russoville Fantasy Football league, one team has yet to lose a week. I'm pretty sure Lemmi sold his soul to the Miro Satan or something...


Kevin Jacobsen  November 6, 2008 at 12:28 AM  

Glad you enjoy the writeups. And yes, every team will get mentioned, even if it's simply to say they lost or won by whatever.

I'd do it for the Wildbloggers league but I know only about half the league. The real money for these writeups is in inside jokes, and I can't do that much even in the Russoville league, but considerably less so in the bloggers one. Ah well.

I'm glad my time isn't wasted though in writing those. My one friend called me yesterday mainly to say how much he enjoyed what I wrote. So that's cool.

Ms. Conduct  November 6, 2008 at 12:40 AM  

Isn't it nice when our writing is appreciated? I look forward to your write-ups every week!

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