Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Aeros v. Syracuse Crunch - Game 13

I was kinda letting this game slip by. I watched it. The guys played hard but not smart, and just couldn't get the biscuit in the basket enough to collect the win. Syracuse is a team that's gelled and I believe that's the difference. The Aeros kept up with the physical game, but just weren't playing together.

The power play was dreadful, the PK was good enough, but they couldn't get traction 5 on 5. Outside of Brusty, who was sharp, Ryan Hamilton made some great chances for himself and played like he wasn't afraid of shooting on the net like Some Guys, and I thought Paul Albers played a good game as well... stayed calm and patient with the puck no matter the pressure being put on him to cough it up. That's nice to see in a young player.

What's weird is that the same Aeros forwards were on the ice for all three goals, including the Aeros': Rosa, Lammers, and Deitsch. Love the offense, but ya gotta play D, boys. And Stoner and Insana were the defensemen on both the Crunch goals, in fact, Stoner own-goaled the first one. Poor guy.

Anyway, as I said, I was gonna just let that one go. There's a lunchtime game today in Grand Rapids, so that should be fun. But then my Google Alerts (best thing since sliced bread) alerted me to the HockeyFights.com page for the fight between Jon "Nasty" Mirasty and Matt "Squee" Kassian. It was a doozy and Kass seems to have impressed the hockey fighterati with his performance. Go here for a clip and the voting.

As for housekeeping, quickly, Lundy is still wearing the C. I'll be interested to see if it changes when they get back home. Healthy scratches were Valette and Falk. Olvecky was still out with an injury to either his upper or lower body, no doubt, but we don't need to know the specifics. See how that works?

As an aside, I ran across this article today. I'm sure my Hockey Widower can relate to it, big time.


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