Friday, November 28, 2008

Aeros v. Milwaukee Admirals - Game 19

I'm not willing to call the ship righted just yet, but the Aeros were better tonight and Nolan Schaefer was out of his mind. The biggest disappointment from this game isn't so much the 2-1 overtime loss, as the loss for Schaefer, who made several HUGE saves and kept the team in the game in spite of a woeful offensive showing. The shots were there for the Aeros, they just were right on the goalie every time. Just like last year. *sigh*

The one goal the Aeros got was a fluky one on a Stoner shot that looked like it was going to go wide of the net and MacIntyre was going around to play it behind the net, but it took a funny hop and all he could do was dive back around the post as it slid into the goal.

The real pisser is that the OT game winner was lasered past Schaefer by ... wait for it... Ryan Effing Jones. Here's hoping Zids gets a couple against Nashville tomorrow to make up for that shit. Punk.

Now, you all know I adore these guys, so it hurts me to call out a guy I bragged on a lot last season for his solid play and his puck possession. But Marco Rosa has Pierre Marc Boucharditis in the worst way and I'm finding myself with having to look away when he has the puck. He dangles and dekes and twirls and stick-handles when what he should be doing is going to the net and SHOOTING THE PUCK. Good lord and butter. I can't even talk about it anymore. It makes me dizzy to even think about it. Marco, shoot the puck. Just go to the net like you're so good at and shoot. Stop being fancy. Stop giving the goalie time to set up for you. SHOOT!

I'm tired, so that's it for tonight. And it's a long weekend for the boys with 3 games in less than 48 hours then two more games on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Woof.

Scratches were Kassian, Falk, and Love, FYI.

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BTW, I forgot to mention a couple of things:

  • That damn ref called every little thing. It was pretty even, but almost to the point where it felt like there were a bunch of make-up calls. Hockey's a contact sport still, right?
  • Krys Kolanos played really physical last night! To the point where I was wondering if he had a particular vendetta against this team or Constantine's put him on a Pay-Per-Hit plan. It was odd. Normally I like the guys hitting as much as possible but that guy, I want him living and dying on putting that puck in the net. Still, it's nice to see he CAN do it.
  • Meanwhile, the other "scorers" seem to be getting smaller and smaller and more invisible. Except for Hamilton, who continues to do his Holmstrom thing in front of the net.
  • Valette also seemed to have a bee in his bonnet at the start. He looked like Clutterbuck out there (just less smart about it as he ended up in the penalty box after a hit).
  • There was only one fight (Scott v. Yonkman, precipitated by that penalty-worthy hit by Valette) but it was a pretty chippy game at times. Scott, in particular, seemed to want another shot at Yonkman and was being kind of a ninny about it. It's good to be tough and stand up for your teammates but don't keep putting yourself in the box over it.


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