Monday, November 24, 2008

It's a new day...

Hey, the sun still came up! Go figure!

I can't even tell you how tempting it is to go down to SLICE and watch the Aeros practice today. I actually am going down there to skate at lunch, so you can bet I'll swing by their rink and see if practice is still going on. too lazy to go skate today. Or the beatings. Though I think Mitch Love should get a pass on the beatings after his two fights yesterday.

Anyway, the Hockey Junkies made a funny yesterday and I forgot to post it. Go check it out for a Monday morning laugh.

Also, here's a pretty good analysis of tonight's Wild v. Caps game from the perspective of a Caps fan. I can only imagine how boring the Wild must seem when you have Ovechkin on your team. I mean, really...


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