Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Aeros v. Grand Rapids Griffins - Game 14

Not much fuss was made of it on our end, since it seems we hardly know the Aeros new defenseman. But Jon Insana spent the last two seasons with Grand Rapids, so it was a homecoming for him and here's a nice little article about it.

The boys in the bombers lost again in Grand Rapids yesterday in a 1-0 game reminiscent of last season, where the defense and goaltending being amazing just wasn't enough. They were tired, they were beat up (and judging by the big hit on Paul Albers early in the game, from which he didn't return, they're even MORE beat up now), they are probably really ready to come home after 4 games in 5 days, 3 of which were within 48 hours of each other.

And alas, the road trip continues to Cleveland for Friday's game against the Lake Erie Monsters. These are the tests that put hair on your chest and build team character.

It was an odd game. The Griffins came out of the gate looking very much like their parent club. They were just stifling in their puck possession. The first period literally looked like a 20 minute penalty kill for the Aeros. It was all they could do to defend-defend-defend, dump, change, defend-defend-defend. This is a game where the team really could have used Krys Kolanos and/or Ryan Hamilton (who was out with an injury) for their ability to break through the D and get to the net.

The first period ended with 3 shots for the Aeros and 11 for the Griffins and that tells the tale of that period pretty well.

In the second, the team started to get a little traction but not much, and four minutes of penalties didn't help the sense that the endless penalty kill was hanging around from the first period. However, they did get 7 shots vs. the Griffins 14 in the second.

Then in the third, the game started to even out and the Aeros were getting quality chances AND redirecting the constant barrage aimed at Nolan Schaefer the previous 40 minutes. Both teams ended the third with 6 shots on goal, but the Areos just didn't have a goal in them.

Never the less, the final shot count of 16 to 31 told the tale. You can't shoot if you don't have the puck and the Griffins were masterful at getting and keeping the puck.

Scratches were: Love, Olvecky (injured), Hamilton (injured)


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