Friday, November 28, 2008

Aeros pre-game; third jersey rankings

The Aeros are gearing up today for one of their 15 (FIFTEEN! I still can't believe it) 3-in-3s starting tonight. They face the Milwaukee Admirals tonight and Sunday and travel to San Antonio tomorrow.

In town with Milwaukee is former Wild prospect Ryan Jones who was traded to Nashville this summer for Marek Zidlicky. I think a lot of folks, including me, were pretty disappointed with losing Ryan from the system, even though Zids was a solid acquisition. But Ryan is a good hockey player and seems like a quality guy. Would have been nice to keep him around.

Anyway, he made the Nashville squad out of camp (along with our Joel Ward, who is apparently among the best shot blocking forwards in the NHL thus far) but was sent down recently, and is staying down, it sounds like until the big club has a need. Will be fun to see the kid again, at least until he scores on us, and then I'll be wishing for his stick to break everytime he goes to shoot. :)

And yeah, I'm ignoring the 800 lb gorilla in the corner related to how bad the Aeros were last time we saw them. Mr. Conduct is bringing a non-hockey fan to the game tonight. It'd be awfully nice to create a fan out of him tonight.


Icethetics came out with their Third Jersey rankings and it's an interesting look to see them all together. Though, while I appreciate the drama of clicking to unveil each one, that's a bit tedious. Otherwise, good stuff.

My favorite, for some reason, is the Kings' third, which ranked pretty low. The thing about these thirds is that while some of the jerseys look awesome on their own, in the context of the whole uniform, they get a little bit fug. But the Kings is just badass. I love it. And my ranking here would be VERY different, but that's the fun. Everyone has a different take.


hipcheck  November 28, 2008 at 12:38 PM  

Oh man, I hope the rampage win but the aeros are the better team. :)

I too like the Kings jersey. I think it is probably the best I have seen. This is just another way that the NHL shows they don't listen to fans. Who is going to buy some of those crap jerseys? Certainly not me!

Ms. Conduct  November 28, 2008 at 12:42 PM  

I dunno, Hip. I'm not sure there was a worse team in the AHL last Sunday than the Aeros. Rivalry games are so difficult to predict, no matter how each team is playing other teams.

But yeah, the Canes jersey is just uuuugly. And even worse as a full uniform. Buffalo's is nice on its own but I saw them in the full uni the other night and... eww. Too many stripes. Yuck. And the Pens full uni is just too much powder blue, though I love that jersey with jeans. Both the Bolts and Sens jerseys are just glumpy. I'd put both at the bottom of the pack.

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