Monday, November 17, 2008

Fantasy Hockey: Week 6

Things are looking up! I won two of my match-ups this week! And ironically, the team with my best goalie tandem is the one that's sinking like a rock.

In my Wildbloggers league, I got SPANKED (7-2). I did rock out the PIM though, so I think in the real world, we'd have just kicked the shit out of the other team and called it a day. I"m now third from the basement in this league. THAT'S worth booing. And how do you lose all 3 goalie categories with Miller and Osgood??? If they'd played better, I'd have won this match-up, too.

In my favorite Russoville league, I crushed (9-4) the same manager that spanked me in the Wildbloggers league. Kinda funny that we matched up in both leagues on the same week. I've moved up to #5 in Russoville Fantasy Hockey, which is a-ok by me. Sneaking up on you bastards at the top. Keep your head on a swivel, boys and girls!

In the Wild Message Board league, I moved up a few notches after beating angelina_e 8-2, but most of the categories were pretty close. Her goalies did her in. One of them is Jeff Deslauries, the goalie I was raving about earlier this week. Heh. I'd rather be wrong about him and win fantasy hockey, frankly. Sean Avery sucks this year, though. I may have to do a little LW shopping this week. (Update: I added Loui Eriksson and dropped Avery.)

ETA: I also won my fantasy football match-up this week in another squeaker. That's going pretty well, too. *knock on wood*

Okay, battery is going dead both on my laptop and in my body. Much more tomorrow as I wrap up the Aeros weekend, including the heartbreaker today.


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