Sunday, November 23, 2008

Aeros v. Hamilton Bulldogs - Game 18

Well, I arrived at the game with a headache and left with a migraine. Skipping hockey tonight as a result. Boo. But I can't seem to shake it. Wearing sunglasses in order to look at my screen.

Anyway, Aeros lost 4-0. And the score pretty much reflects the game perfectly. It was ugly and the parts that weren't ugly were boring. I really can't find a silver lining. The Aeros didn't even win all the fights.

As much as I felt the panic button didn't need to be pressed yesterday, I can't say the same today. And seeing as how Troy Ward missed his regular spot on the post-game interview due to being in a meeting immediately after the game, I'm guessing the feeling was mutual in the locker room. Fine game for the Wild GM to be lurking in the shadows.

Frankly, I'm not even going to bore you or myself by writing the game up. 24 penalties, 4 fights, Hamilton was 3/8 on the PP (meaning the Aeros PK sucked... the one goal that wasn't on the PP was Schaefer badly mishandling the puck when he tried to play it... I know it looks fun and exciting when Barry does it but some guys have it and some don't. Schaef doesn't have it).

And if I were there scouting the Hamilton squad in anticipation of a trade, I'd be looking at RW Matt D'Agostini. Chipchura would also be a great addition. I'm not saying anything... I'm just saying.

Scratches were: Kolanos (neck), Schultz (lower body), Insana, Mojzis.

Also, the boys were sporting new wheat-colored jerseys. Here's a picture. I feel mixed about them. They look like the red Wild jerseys but in wheat, which I've always thought might look nice, but I'm not so sure now. They mostly look dirty, especially against the white ice and white goalie pads. But after this game, I hope they just go ahead and donate them all to a needy high school or rec league team. That would be the sporting thing to do.

Mr. Royal, you picked a good time to go on vacation. If I'd known, I would have stowed away in your luggage.

Update: Here's Andrew's excellent article for the Chronicle.


buddhafisch  November 23, 2008 at 11:49 PM  

Playing through the pain. Well done Ms. C. Well done.

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