Monday, February 9, 2009

Why do you build me up, Buttercup?

Amazingly, not a Cal post.

It's funny in retrospect, but when I'm doing shuffles across the ice in my stance (or some tired version of a goalie stance) and Scott TFCG (oh man, I really meant the F when I typed that... like I hit it extra hard on the keyboard) is in my grill calling me "Buttercup"... it's not funny. If I'd had the strength to whack him in the nuts with my stick, I would have. I'd have felt bad after, but I would have.

So, Scooter, keep those knees together because someday my stick arm will be nice and strong.

Anyway, point is, novice league last night was tough. I hate missing a week because I kinda forgot how hard it is. I'm not gonna lie, it's hard. And practice isn't fun. And the scrimmage after practice isn't fun because my legs are burning and I've got The Dumb (and therefore, not such good focus) and I'm letting stupid goals in. But that's all part of learning to suck it up, princess.

All I ask of myself on practice nights is to go out and work hard and do what Scott tells me to, even if I have to strafe him with f-bombs in the process (it really does make me feel better to do so... not sure what that says about me... it also felt really good to remind him of how my Wild beat his Slick yesterday afternoon. In fact, that might have been the best part of the whole night.)

I'm not much worse for the wear other than being sore and tired and jamming my finger into the boards at one point, so now I can't bend the ring finger on my right hand and it's all purpley and ouchy. Didn't affect me when I was playing, though, so no biggie. It will get better. But only I would wait to jam my finger into the boards for when I'm a goalie and hardly ever anywhere near the boards. Sheesh.

Game next week and hopefully a couple of trips to Memorial City at lunch this week for some practice. Scotty gave me a good drill to work on and maybe I'll take my pads one time. I wonder if they'd be sweet and let me take my stick out. It's just me and a handful of figure skaters, so I dunno what the harm would be. Maybe I'll wait until they know me before I push that issue.

Anyway, not much to report. Definitely didn't finish the night feeling pumped up about anything. Practice just reminds me of how much I have to learn. It's humbling. I had one nice blocker save that mostly I was just in good position for, I didn't own goal at all, though I did let too much scrambling go on in my crease before I dropped to protect the puck on a couple of occasions (thank heavens for a good D).

I'm disappointed in a couple of goals I let in. One by Peed, who put it in just like Jessica did last time. I fucking hate goals like that! It's one thing for someone to just shoot straight on and beat me or my positioning is off and I leave too much net, but these deking pieces of shit that freeze me and then tuck it in behind me like I'm not even there... those are the ones that just get me roasting and keep me roasting until the next game. Scotty said I should go for the poke check on that stuff. I'm gonna have to practice launching my stick. Might need to make my knob bigger. (Oh behave.)

Tonight, I'm having beer and hockey night at the Maple Leaf Pub with the goalie who used to guard the net for the green team. Devils v. Rangers, so that should be fun. I wish Brodeur was back in action, but it sounds like he's getting close. Nice to hang out and have a few Blue Moons (nom nom nom) and watch hockey with the girls, as I think Coach Stalin of the Broken Wrist may join in the fun. If you're in the area and like beer and hockey, stop on by.


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