Saturday, February 7, 2009

Aeros v. Iowa Chops - Game 51

Just trying to cram a second look at this game in before Saturday night's game gets underway. I started watching the game Friday night about 3 seconds before the Aeros let in the first of 2 goals in the third.

I'll just make some notes through the first period...

The Aeros PP looked great in the first, putting loads of pressure on LeNeveu and resulting in an early goal by Kolanos.

Interesting to note that they gave Kolanos the C for February. The C is one of those things that matters to me but shouldn't, and I have an opinion about but no real basis for that opinion, so I won't comment other than to say that when O'Donnell mentioned it, I said, "Really!?" out loud to no one.

Anyway, lots of good chances in the first as evidenced by the 16 to 9 shot count. Nice work by LeNeveu and his d-men fending that off and clearing rebounds.

Fight between Scotty and Bodie that Scotty won pretty handily. One of those fights where he had such a reach and height advantage that he made it look easy. Hot.

In the second, the first Chops goal was a giveaway by Schaefer who was behind the net and didn't manage to clear it to Albers, who was waiting along the boards. The Pork's Trevelyan got it in on a rebound from a wrap-around attempt after intercepting Schaef's pass.

The second goal less than 2 minutes later was a sharp angle shot by Bodie that Schaefer kept out but couldn't cover up before de Gray banged the rebound in.

Clearly a momentum shift after those two quick goals and (a shaved-headed) Love tried to shift it back by fighting Wathier. It was ultimately a draw but a good effort by Mitch for sure.

In the third, penalties were light but one was enough for the Pork to nab a PP goal and a little over a minute later, another even strength goal put the final nail in the coffin. Schultz jammed one in with a minute or so left, but not enough.

Listening to KC's first intermission with O'Donnell Saturday night, he pretty much said Schaefer's poor play was the anchor that sank the ship. Ouch. That's a pretty unfamiliar feeling for Aeros fans.

Stoner, Irmen, Pouliot, Madsen were out with injuries.


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