Saturday, February 28, 2009

Aeros v. Moline Flamers - Game 60

Eep! Game 60? Only 20 more? *sad*

Yeah, so I'll be honest, I barely watched the game as I was having too much fun in the little chat window AHL Live provides, plus watching the Wild game that came on about halfway thru the Aeros game. HD vs. AHL Live means HD wins.

Not a terrific game for either team but these games against QC are never pretty. Never ever. They're always just ugly grinds for both sides. No difference tonight.

Luckily, Rosa brought his goal stick on the road because he got two PP markers tonight AND a shootout goal. And yet somehow Kolanos, who had an assist and the winning shootout goal, got the first star of the game. I might have even put the Flame's Cunning (suppose he's a linguist?) above Kolanos in the final accounting.

Maybe they let the choir who did the national anthem pick the stars and they liked K-Train's shiny blond highlights? I dunno.

Schultz got the other goal for the Aeros and most importantly, Chucko was completely shut out. Suh-weet!

Schaefer let in the first shootout shot after stopping 27 of 30 in regulation and overtime, but then stopped all the rest. I've never seen him look so dejected as after he let in that first SO goal, but he gathered himself admirably. As a goalie, I know letting in that first one feels awful. I know this because I almost always let in the first shot on me. Not tomorrow though. Bitches.

Anyway, Kassian and Brown dropped the mitts early in the third and Kassian wolloped him pretty good. Nice work Kass.

Even Schaefer got a little fiesty, putting the glove to Sutter as he was leaving the ice for the period and sending him to his ass. No penalty. The only thing better than a goalie roughing a guy up is the goalie getting away with roughing the guy up.

Irmen was back in the game, but Pouliot, Mojzis, and Crowley were out. Khudobin was minding the door (or sitting in a tunnel... wherever they tuck the back-up goalie in QC) and Brusty stayed home on this trip due to his injury Friday night.

Here's Andrew's Chron write-up.

Off to Milwaukee tomorrow. And you can watch it by going to and signing up Sunday for their free viewing day. Aeros play at 4 p.m. Central, so go check it out. If there's someone named "Heather" in the chat saying inappropriate things, that's not me.


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