Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick hits: Random Me-Stuff; Pouliot article; Hab talk

Any guesses as to how many times I've watched the video from my previous post today?

Okay, like 5x and I giggled every time, but it's still not enough to make me less irritable about not getting to go skate today at lunch time. :( But I'll strap on the gear and do up and downs later. Gonna toy with my toe ties (say that fast 10 times) to see if I can get a scheme going that works better for pad rotation.


Pouly got some press in the Strib today. I'm just going to quit paying any attention to what he says to the media and let his play speak for itself. I didn't think his words matched his effort lately on the ice, but fortunately it's going the right way for a change.

He sounds much more blasé about it in the paper than he looks during games. Normally he says all the right things but then the effort on the ice is paltry. I prefer this way.


Finally someone else is talking sense about Carey Price and the rest of Les Bad Habit-ants. (ZOMG, look at the quad muscles on those boys! You can see how they had trouble getting to Foster's femur through that stuff.)

And Stu Hackel over at NYT: Slap Shot blog mentions today how there's talk of divisiveness in the Habs room and the elder Koivu seems to be on the outside looking in. Much has been said of his free agent status this summer, and how both Koivus have said that playing together in Minnesota might be something they'd be cool with. Perhaps if the rumors from Montreal are true, the stage for Koivu's departure after all these years and a Koivu reunion in St. Paul is being set. Stranger things have happened.


buddhafisch  February 18, 2009 at 3:47 PM  

Saku is a UFA at the end of the year. Say the Habs come calling wanting Johnsson for say Saku and a pick (2nd round?). Do you take that deal? Do you demand a first round? Or do you wait it out and see if Saku comes for chump money on July 1st?

Ms. Conduct  February 18, 2009 at 4:02 PM  

My human side says that I want Saku to come here because he wants to be here, and not because his team traded him. Not sure what that would cost though, at this point in his career and whatever value he gets out of playing with Mikko.

Business side says that Saku and a 2nd rounder for Johnsson probably wouldn't upset me, but I think I'd want Saku to sign up for a couple of years as part of that. Having him as a rental doesn't strike me as really being the point. But it does seem like Foster is getting up to speed so maybe the hit of losing Kimmy wouldn't be too severe.

The reality is, even if we make it to the playoffs, we're out in the first round, so I think you have to look at what we're losing (or gaining) longer term.

So, as usual, my answer is *shrug* I dunno. That's DR's problem. :)

buddhafisch  February 18, 2009 at 9:04 PM  

Good answer. I would love to Saku here, not so much because he makes the team a contender, but because he is a solid center, and I would just love to see this team with more than one guy who can play the pivot.

I think the Habs get the better deal in Johnsson... though the Wild need the pick and having Saku here would be fun.

I'm with you. *Shrug*

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