Monday, February 16, 2009

Aeros v. Chicago Wolves - Game 56

I spent just enough time living (part-time) and going to sporting events in NYC to associate Sweet Caroline with happy sports feelings (so good, so good, so good!), and since it's been a happy sports day (sorry Wild fans who are still picking up the pieces from Saturday):

Forgive me, but I'm writing this in my post-hockey game (novice league) high, which is a little like being drunk... at least the way I'm typically drunk in that I love everyone and I'm full of good will.

But I'm doing my best to avoid being effusive, because invariably that leads to the team falling headlong into the toilet at the very next opportunity.

So, let me temper my delight over tonight's win by saying that they were playing a tired Chicago team on the fourth game in five days for the second straight week (and another one to look forward to next week).

And yet, Brusty was sharp in goal and the boys were on it pretty hard defensively so he didn't have to do much in the way of acrobatics to keep the crease tidy. The scorers did their thing and even the Tough Guy line chipped one in, which is always exciting, especially after Kassian got robbed Saturday night.

The final score was 4-2 and if you'd told me that this team would win 4 in a row with this crazy brutal schedule and score all these goals, I would have laughed at you. Well, who's laughing now?

The first goal, in fact, came from the aforementioned Tough Guy line, with the marker going to Love, whom the puck bounced off of on a Ryznar shot and the second assist going to Kass.

(Total aside here, but speaking of things you don't see every day, there was a couple sitting down in front of us wearing matching Wild #18 Park sweaters. I don't think I've ever seen a Park sweater in person and then to see two people who must just love the guy... weird. But, hey, go team!)

Then mere seconds later, Schultz fought hard to finally bang in one of about three juicy rebounds he got off of shots on Pavlec. The Wolves defense pretty much just stood there and let him do it. Nice assists by Pouliot and Stoner to create that opportunity.

And speaking of Pouliot... the boy is channeling Clutterbuck lately. It's crazy! He's hitting everything that moves and he's a better hitter than Kassian or Love, who are kind of the guys you'd expect to be good. But I think there's a speed element there that you need to nail guys. Also, maybe they just don't expect it from Pouly. Whatever the case, it's fun to watch. He's a solid hitter who keeps his balance after the hit, which is cool because he stays in the play and makes shit happen.

I continue to be amazed by his transformation since the demotion. Something has clicked in that kid's head. Whatever it is, I hope it stays clicked. During a second period PK, it dawned on me that Ben might be one of the Aeros most effective penalty killers right now.

At some point, I'll officially eat crow for being upset that he was sent back to us. Make a sacrifice to the hockey gods or something.

Anyway, the first period ended with the shots 16-6 in favor of the Aeros and that's pretty much how it went. Unfortunately, the first intermission entertainment was particularly loathesome. I don't even remember what it was but it was bad enough to write it in my notes.

Kurtis Foster kinda pissed me off in the second by getting a stupid unsportsmanlike penalty for mouthing off at the ref, and the Wolves got themselves a power play goal right out of the gate. Boom. 2-1.

But then on a later Aeros power play, Locker beat Pavlec on a shot set up by Foster and Kolanos. 3-1.

The ice tilted at the start of the third period, however. The Wolves came out foaming at the mouth and leaving me wondering if everyone on the ice had gotten their vaccinations this year. They weren't about to let this game go without a fight.

And they make their mark early by pinning the Aeros in their offensive zone for nearly a full minute before finally getting one past Brusty. 3-2. Oh boy.

With about 7 minutes left in the period, Brusty's getting fired up. The Wolves are taking some liberties and he's plastering a few with his blocker (including former Aero Mike Hamilton). It occurred to me during this that if I were a little dying kid and I got a wish, it would be for Brusty to be mic'd up during a game against Chicago (with whom he often seems to get chippy) and let me listen in. It's gotta be good stuff right?

Ironically, Mr. Prediction to my right says that Motzko is going to score the tying goal. Well, what Motzko did do was get a holding call with 1:34 left on coincidental minors to Stoner and Siddall, putting the Wolves at a 3 on 4 disadvantage.

This led to the insurance goal on a picture perfect, super-patient shot from the high slot by Noreau, on which Foster and Locke both got their second points of the game.

I'm just saying. ;)

Scratches were Mojzis, Irmen, Madsen, and Rosa.

More (and better) from the guys here on John's blog and here in the Chronicle from Andrew. Oh and a terrific picture of Foster (and here's some more) in the totally lovely Aeros darks that the boys were wearing tonight to bring the road mojo home with them. Nice work, Fred.

That is all. I'm dog tired.


Andrew J. Ferraro  February 16, 2009 at 4:35 PM  

Mr. Prediction?
Nice ... I have a name!

Mr. Prediction got this game right, by the way, and has only fanned on one or two at home since Christmas.

I think I called a Bingo win in their last game after that brutal 5-0 effort against the Flamers.

Ms. Conduct  February 16, 2009 at 4:43 PM  

You got a name AND a song. It's a banner day for Mr. Prediction on the Ms. Conduct blog.

And hey, I wouldn't make a point of you getting a prediction wrong if you weren't so often right. Consider it a compliment. Like my goalie coach tells me... it's when they DON'T get excited about scoring on you that you have to worry. ;)

Rob  February 16, 2009 at 7:41 PM  

This game was a blast. From my perspective, our guys were inspired. I like this team. The Sunshine Club is alive and well, with good reason.

Fred  February 16, 2009 at 8:15 PM  

You have MANY names Andrew. :)

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