Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Aeros v. Chicago Wolves - Game 50

Augh! Game 50! Noooo! Too soon! Only 30 left! (Says the one who doesn't actually have to play the games.)

I'm honestly not gonna get too deep into this game. It's just hard to tell much via video. Looks like they're working pretty hard, but there were some ugly turnovers that resulted in Schaefer having to stand on his head a little. A couple of the turnovers were the result of lazy puck-handling by Pouliot, who does this fairly often. Kinda reaches a bit to get to the puck with his stick but whiffs on it or doesn't put enough mustard on it to even go 10 feet. Sheesh. I hate that. And why is he on the PK?? He was on the ice for both PP goals against.

This song just popped into my head. Don't hurt me... no mo', Benny!

Kassian and Hoffman had a fight early on, but Kass got his sweater pulled over his head almost immediately so it ended quickly.

Then Schaefer got a bee in his bonnet about one of the Wolves players getting a little aggressive after the whistle, and he kinda went Hextall, bitch-slapping the guy a little bit. Rawr.

Then Kassian and Hoffman growled at each other some more and got 2 minutes for Unsportsmanlike Conduct. But later in the first, they got their rematch and Kassian edged Hoffman, but they're a pretty good match-up, size-wise.

It also sounds like maybe, because Madsen got himself injured Friday night, they had Falk playing forward? I swear that's what I heard. Impossible to tell on the video though.

Aeros had quite a long period of 4 on 6 play at the tail end of the game, where they held it in the Wolves zone masterfully (partly due to Kolanos being EVERYWHERE), but goalie Krahn was hot hot hot and stopping everything the Aeros threw at him. Then Chicago had to opportunity to clear the zone and just flung the puck down the ice and it went in the empty net. 3-0 Wolves. Boo.

In other news:

  • Irmen out 2-3 weeks, Rosa seems to be day-to-day, and Madsen's ankle is bunged up, too, but no clue what the time projection is.
  • Boy do I hate the AHL Live camera operator at the Wolves games, though. All this crazy zooming in and out and swinging the camera around. It's all between plays but it's still kind of nauseating.
  • Nice hearing Rosy doing a little color commentary in the third period. I miss hearing the guys on the broadcast as often as we did last year. Though mostly it was Barry and Nolan who were so funny, but really any player's perspective gives you a little something you don't get otherwise. I thought it was interesting that Rosy pointed out how impressed he is that Pouly is throwing his body around more. Join the club.


NETminder1  February 3, 2009 at 10:43 PM  

that's it. i'm going to try to get into the Roxbury! thanks ms.C! that's the 3rd time i've heard that song!

Ms. Conduct  February 4, 2009 at 2:35 AM  

Today??? Bless your heart. :)

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