Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday Night Lights

Had novice league practice tonight. Feels like a secret middle-of-the-night rendezvous that I get to have every Sunday. I love that.

It was a good practice (as opposed to an evil practice) and I feel like I got a lot of out of it both in terms of gaining skill and practice/experience but also mentally. I was feeling the tiniest bit out of sorts (at least that's all I'm admitting to) and needed the boost. And I didn't feel like, for once, the folks saying I looked better were bullshitting me. Still a million miles to go, but I'm seeing progress every week and the things I'm doing during the week are making a difference, which is nice to see.

Not that I wouldn't take a few things back, of course, but I'd like to sleep tonight so I'll think about those tomorrow. I don't think anything is going to haunt me when I close my eyes like it often does.

The greatest thing is that I figured out how to tie my skate laces so I'm not spending 90% of practice hopping from foot to foot from the crippling pain across my stupidly wide forefoot. It's amazing how much that was making me miserable from head to toe.

No, wait, the really greatest thing was Scott TFCG and Luther again taking time to coach me. Honestly, I can't say how much I appreciate it. I know you weren't feeling so hot, Scotty, so extra thanks tonight. Really. And thanks to K for sharing you with hockey another night this weekend.

I'm so effin' sleepy now though, I can barely hold my eyes open. Hopefully this headache won't keep me awake when I drag myself up to bed.


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