Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quick Hits: Drifting off; Cal in the media; Price+Beer+Girls; Foster

So, you know how sometimes you're drifting off and suddenly you feel like you're falling and you jerk awake? Last night I did that but what jerked me awake was someone scoring on me. Why can't I dream that I stopped the puck? Perhaps the same reason we never dream that we're safe and sound and NOT falling.

Anyway, I'd tell you where they scored on me but I know you're all a bunch of perverts, and as a lady, I simply won't abide by perversion in my blog.

HAHAhahahahahaha.... *ahem* Yeah. It was 5-hole.


Another little flurry of Cal stuff has come out, and I was surprised to notice that the AP selected Cal as the third star in that awful Sens game Saturday night. Talk about a guy who doesn't get sucked into whatever the team's mentality is and just plays his game every night no matter what. Incredible maturity.

Anyway, Souhan, who's had pretty decent columns about the Wild lately, nails one of the things we love about Cal and that's his intelligent, mature game. Some good quotes in there about how he deals with the retaliatory crap he gets from irritated opponents.

There was also an article about Cal and other teammates who play guitar (or try to). It's not the best written thing I've ever seen but I'm all about blanket coverage and whatnot, so here it is anyway.

And finally, here's a little Wild TV interview with Cal. Again, not the greatest interview I've seen with him but I suppose the tone is appropriate for where the team is at right now.

And BTW, while we're talking about Wild TV, I believe we were promised some special Aeros footage (in particular, with Brusty) from when the boys were stationed in MN last week. *tapping toe impatiently* Don't tease me, bitches.


I wrote about Carey Price the other day and suddenly my stats are FULL of people (okay, Canadians as they're all from Google.ca) searching for info on Pricer's partying habits. Apparently, the Eh Team is quite concerned that perhaps Carey's personal life is what's causing him to stink on the ice.

I'm just gonna wager a guess here, folks, that Carey has probably always had a pretty well-stocked personal life and still managed to get after it when it's business time (and not in the FOTC sense of the phrase... but probably there, too... but now I'm getting distracted... what? Um. Anyway.)


Oh yeah, so just chill out. He'll get it going.


And here's a piece on Foster's come-back with the Aeros from the Pio. Hope the boys don't play weird knowing Lynn is in the house like they did when Riser was here. Ugh.


Fred  February 17, 2009 at 11:18 AM  

I think they just wanted to see the pic :)

Ms. Conduct  February 17, 2009 at 12:16 PM  

No doubt. Though many of them are looking for pictures of him drunk or, preferably, drunk with girls. How odd it must be to have that kind of celebrity at that age.

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