Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aeros v. Iowa Chops - Game 55

I've got real-job work that I HAVE to get done today so I'll make this brief.

While I am grateful for the win, even by the skin of their tooth, what the hell is with letting teams come back on them like that?

We get two goals.
They get two goals.

We get three goals.
They get three goals.

We get two goals.
They get one goal and blessedly the fat lady sings before they are able to tie it up.

You just can't sit back. YOU. CAN'T. SIT. BACK. I don't care what the lead is.

Anyway, congrats to everyone who got points. The big winner, of course, was Beaudoin, who got a hat trick.

Dear Tom Lynn and Troy Ward,

Sign him!

Also, Fozzie got the first two points of his triumphant return to hockey on Lammers' goal and Beaudoin's second goal (both first assists, in fact). Amazing!

Earl, Schultz, and Kolanos also each got 2 points apiece. And as much shit as we give Earl, he was the only + player for the Aeros. Rogers' woes in the +/- department continue with a -3 night. What the hell?

Of course, it doesn't help the stats that 4 of the Aeros goals were on power plays. In fact, I'm guessing that Chops will spend their next practice working on the PK because 4 for 4 is pretty rotten.

Kassian and Donally fought for some reason, and Kassian beat him down like Donally was his kid brother. Suppose Kass's number is 42 because he's the answer to the universe?

Apparently Rogers and Baines fought, too, but I missed it and can't get the archived game to load, so screw it.

As predicted, Rosa was dinged up on that Noreau shot Friday night, so he was out and Albers was back in, rolling with 7 d-men, in addition to Love, who is essentially a forward for the remainder of the season.

We'll see what shows up at 5 p.m. at the Toyota Center today. My prediction is that Brusty is in goal and plays well but both teams are so tired from tough schedules that it's a pretty dull one.


Fred  February 15, 2009 at 9:41 AM  

Don't forget Kassian got screwed out of his 2nd goal by a ref who was badly out of position. (Granted if you take away the fact the ref was out of position, he did what he was supposed to do and listened to his linesman who said it was kicked it. It wasn't. It was clearly shown not to be the case during the 2nd intermission.)

Bad Zebra, no carrot.

Squeegie  February 16, 2009 at 8:11 PM  

For the Rogers vs. Baines mash up, I think they were trading blows pretty well for a while. Then the last lucky left hook caught Rogers by surprise and put him down on the ice. I give Baines the props for that one.

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