Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick Hits: Love Letter to Hockey; Aeros return home; O'Donnell chats with Falness

Here's a great post from Alanah McGinley at Canucks & Beyond giving some Valentine love to hockey, and there's not one bit of it that I disagree with. I love all that stuff, too.


My four favorite words are "ride the hot goalie" but my SECOND four favorite words are "the Aeros are back" and indeed they are back on the ice the next three nights for another round of three games in three days. First two are in Iowa Friday and Saturday. Sounds like a few Wild fans will be headed down to Des Moines for the game, so that will be nice, to have someone to cheer if they score any goals. Yeah, I meant that "if."

Then they're back at home Sunday afternoon against the only team they ever play on Sunday any more, the Chicago Wolves. Luckily, the Wolves will be at the end of their own traveling 3-in-3, so nobody will be fresh. I expect it to be a pretty dull game with both teams tired and probably in "lock down" mode. In fact, looking at Chicago's schedule, they're in the midst of a pretty tough month in general. Here's hoping they show up already beat to hell so we don't have to do it.

The tentative plan is for Foster to play Friday and Sunday. I'm looking forward to see the big guy play in person.

My prediction is (you might want to sit down for this): Whoever has the lead at the end of the game will win it.

I live on the edge. Don't try this at home, kids.


Oh and here's a bit of an interview with Joe O'Donnell by Kevin Falness. But you all read my blog so none of this will be news to you, other than a slightly more positive spin than you might get from me. :)


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