Thursday, February 5, 2009

Quick Hits: Fresh Meat; More Hockey for Dummies; Reitzy's first Rangers fight

The Aeros have brought in a little luck of the Irish (I dunno if he's really Irish), signing forward Jimmy Kilpatrick (come on, that's Irish, right?) from the Cincinnati Cyclones of the ECHL, where he just won Rookie of the Month honors for January. Welcome aboard, Jimmy.


Another installment here by Joe O'Donnell and Troy Ward going over the Aeros' forecheck and defensive schemes. Interesting stuff if you haven't had much exposure to the X's and O's of hockey systems. Check it out (and as usual, I had to watch in Safari to see the video, and even then, the box it's viewed in is too small for the video, but it's good enough to see what's going on).


Here's a view from the other side of Erik Reitz' first fight as a NY Ranger the other night. He lost to the very familiar former Chicago Wolves player, Nathan Oystrick. Funny that he says Reitz use to beat up on their smaller guys. It's not like Reitzy's a ginormous dude.


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