Friday, July 11, 2008

Fresh Meat Friday!

Well, the Wild are certainly making a statement about how things are gonna go next year in Houston. Within the span of a week, they've signed/traded for 3 big time scorers from around the AHL. This is really exciting stuff.

First was Jesse Schultz (Nick's cousin) from the Calder Cup Champion Chicago Wolves. Then today, they traded away d-man Shawn Belle for Hamilton center Corey Locke. I think that's a win-win for everyone. Belle will get out of this system in which he just doesn't fit, and we get offensive firepower. And they signed center Krys Kolanos, a former Phoenix Coyote (I expect a report, Hip!), who played with the much maligned Kris Chucko in Quad Cities last season. He had noggin issues a few years ago, but played quite well for QC last year.

I'm very happy with these moves. Would be nice to have a chance offensively and not just have to pray for the D and goalies to keep goals against down to 0 or 1. But speaking of D... we're now a bit thin on that front. I'll hope for more news in the coming weeks on that front.

ETA: So, it's since been unearthed that while Schultz and Locke are character guys, Kolanos is apparently a bit of a jerk. This is coming from fans in several of the cities he's played for, so it's not just one loud mouthed fan's smear campaign. Word is he gives about 15% on the ice and won't play both ends, he's dismissive of fans, and a poor teammate. I can't fathom why he'd choose to come here unless it was the only offer on the table. Constantine is gonna crucify a guy like that. Could be a bumpy ride for Krys, and I'm not too excited anymore about his signing. I don't care how many goals you score, you never earn the right to be a jerk.


hipcheck  July 12, 2008 at 1:54 AM  

Krys Kolanos was a lil before my Phoenix time but here is what I've heard:
He was a great player with a very bright future. Early on took a nasty hit from behind and although he scored an amazing penalty goal on Roy (who had quite the reaction...) never really recovred from the concussion from said hit.

A lot of Phoenix fans were very upset because he had a lot of potential to be a great NHL player but never got the chance to make it because of the hit/concussion. I also heard there were some attitude problems, but nothing specific or if it was while he was in Phoenix or after he left.

Penalty Goal on Roy and his hilarious reaction:

Ms. Conduct  July 12, 2008 at 2:05 AM  

Thanks! Yeah, I've seen that video. It's a classic. That's gotta be a highlight of his career for sure.

He had a terrific year on a mediocre team last year in Quad Cities, so I hope that's a sign that he's fully recovered now. Though I can already tell, I'm going to be extra protective of him.

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