Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Aeros Roster Shaping up for 08-09 Season

A flush of RFA signings came through today and the new roster is looking good (minus my reservations about Kolanos).

Here's how it's looking with guys who for sure have contracts:

Cal Clutterbuck (R)
Corey Locke (C)
Jesse Schultz(R)
Krys Kolanos (C)
Ryan Hamilton (L)
Petr Kalus (R)
Morten Madsen (C)
Peter Olvecky (L)
Danny Irmen (R)
Bryan Lundbohm (C)
Matt Kassian (L) (I'm just going to assume he'll be in the AHL this season)

Clayton Stoner
Tomas Mojzis
Brandon Rogers
Maxim Noreau
Paul Albers
John Scott

Nolan Schaefer
Barry Brust
Dimples (Anton Khudobin)

So, assuming we roll with only 2 goalies on the roster due to a trade or Khudobin going down to the ECHL or something... that's 19 players. With a 23 man limit, that's 4 spots left for pure minor-league contracts from the Aeros.

Two guys I'd definitely want back are Marco Rosa (C) and Jon Awe (D). But Rosa is a center and we seem to be pretty well set for centers unless we intend to carry an extra or play someone on the wing. Awe just has a wicked slapper and is a big fella who can hit hard. Plus, he's a southern boy, and I can't help but cheer for a southern-raised hockey player!

Troy Riddle also filled in nicely when we called him up from the E and might get a shot. I really expected Adrian Foster to have gotten a serious look. He was a first round draft pick of the Devils several years ago and just got blasted by injuries, but he had some real bright moments last season and played nearly every game, so he certainly isn't finished. But I've heard nothing about him, so I'm assuming they're not retaining his services.

Edited to add Jesse Schultz, who I forgot when I put this together originally. I knew I was forgetting someone.

Edited again to update for Stoner's signing.


"Dave Schultz"  July 15, 2008 at 8:03 PM  

I thought Stoner had already re-signed, guess not. Hope he does. He's dreamy. Super dreamy. And when he stays healthy he's one hell of a stay at home defenceman. I really miss watching him. and his loveliness.

Ms. Conduct  July 15, 2008 at 8:49 PM  

Nope. But he is one of the hotter hotties on the team. And just the nicest guy. Plays his ass off. Great with fans. Massive competitor. Gritty. I'm very fond of him and do enjoy him being in my line of sight. ;)

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