Friday, February 29, 2008


Aside from reading about hockey and watching a fair bit, I've done nothing I should be doing this week, other than my skate on Monday night. *hangs head* Feeling very stymied yet doing nothing about it. Obsessive is the only way I know to go about things like this, so to turn off the obsession means turning off my motivation. :\

But today, at the very least, I'll do the exercises my chiro gave me. I also discovered that the Wollman rink is still open in Central Park, so that is much easier to get to and with better hours than Chelsea Piers. If the ice is decent, that'll be my rink for the duration. I've got a date to go Monday with my friend Tory from Seattle, who is going to be on the Today show Monday morning. Can't wait to see her and hear all about her national TV debut.

Meanwhile, I have a huge amount of work to get done today, so I need to quit dreaming about hockey and do it. Though speaking of dreaming, I dreamt about playing goal all night last night. At least it felt like that. That's what I get for reading the Terry Sawchuk biography before bed. So far it's a good read and is getting me ready for the review copy that the publisher of the book of poetry about Sawchuk is sending me. How nice is that? I'm really looking forward to reading that book and posting a review here.

I did finish In The Bin on the plane up. Pretty funny book. Good inside look at what off-ice officials deal with. I have a new appreciation for my buddy who works the opponents penalty box for the Aeros.


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