Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Skate

Coach Stalin took the night off (other than giving me major stink eye for saying that I don't need to learn crossovers because you can't do them in goalie pads anyway.... what? It's true? Bah.) because my knees just weren't going to tolerate a bunch of torque-y moves, but we did go skate for about an hour. Just striding and a little bit of one leg balance stuff. Just a fun skate.

Of course, we got there right as they were cleaning the ice (it was actually decent tonight) and as soon as they reopened the rink, a girl was figure skating in the middle and fell backwards and cracked her head on the ice. I thought she was okay because she moved a bit, but I think she passed out and all the guys skated over and helped her and got her off the ice. She was still there with an ice pack on the back of her head when we left an hour later. Poor thing. It frightened me for sure, so I know she must have been quite shocked. Made me a bit sick to my stomach though. Medical emergencies are not an area in which I excel...

Knees felt okay though. I don't think I harmed them any by doing it, which was my only concern.

Oh, and my friend in Toronto, Bill, provided a link to some pics from the Aeros/Marlies game yesterday. Bill had put in a special request for photos of Cal and John, so there are some really nice ones, but it's SO weird to see John Scott in forward-type stances! Thanks so much Torpedo20 for getting these shots. They made my day!


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