Friday, February 15, 2008

VD/Friday update

That's Valentines Day. Only REAL puck bunnies require VD updates...

Kinda took the day off from workouts yesterday after doing yoga on Wednesday night. Did do a bunch of stretching during the Wild game, which maybe helped my knees a bit. I dunno. Hard to tell if it was that or the Advil. But they WON in dramatic fashion. Very fun game!

More "offness" today, unless I squeeze a yoga session in this afternoon before we head to the game against the Iowa Stars (MUST WIN!). Then tomorrow, I head to Austin to cheer on my gals in the Austin Half Marathon... blissfully, from the sidelines. I'll miss Sunday's game, but I'll be drinking margaritas and eating chips and queso, so I don't know that I'll be too bothered.

Tonight is my last Aeros game until this time next month.

P.S. I ordered the Jesus Saves t-shirt to appease my tantrum-throwing inner child. That'll get me thru the month.


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