Thursday, February 7, 2008

More on today's workout

First, yoga today and boy do I feel better for it. Knees aren't clicking anymore, hips don't hurt, very nice. Unfortunately the Wild lost and I didn't even get a good ab workout out of it because it was only 1-0. So much for Smitty sucking. He sure as hell put the lid on us. At least Voros won his fight and didn't have to hump anyone to do it.

Second, somehow there were THREE fights in the Rangers/Ducks game and nobody managed to punch Brad May in the face. I want for very little in this life, but one thing I want is for Brad May to be punched in the face as often as possible. And yet, I rarely get it. I'll have to go back to old footage to get my fix.

ETA: One more thing... I ordered my first goalie gear today! Got some ITECH goalie knee pads (that I can wear under my leg pads when I get to that point, but will hopefully protect me when I'm playing drive-way goalie in the mean time), and a stick and stick tape, plus a few extra foam pucks. Won't be here until late Feb but I'm still just over the moon about having a stick of my very own.

Beauty, eh?

Now we just need a net. There's a 6x4 soccer goal at Academy that I might pick up (it's less than $25) even though the holes in the netting will let the puck right through... no biggie. But I'm going to check Sports Authority to see if maybe they have something more specific to roller/street hockey. This being Houston, I'm not holding my breath, but I have to try.


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