Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Seven Years: Rangers v. Bruins

Our wedding anniversary is coming up on March 10 and I'll be visiting DH in NYC during that time. There are lots of fabulous restaurants and romantic things you can do in NY, but honestly, I don't think either of us gets terribly excited to dress up and spend $150 on a meal or take a stinky horse ride through Central Park. Nothing wrong with it but why not do something we really WANT to do, but on a normal day, might not want to spend the money on?

So, I told DH I wanted to go to the Rangers v. Bruins game on March 9. :) Of course, the cost of NHL tickets is choke-worthy, especially in Manhattan, so it would pretty much have to be a special occasion. I searched and searched and found some good seats on the 200 level (section 209) on the goal line of the Ranger's attack zone. I figure we can see all the ice pretty well from here and are down low enough to actually see the puck and who the players are, plus I'll be able to watch the goalies on that end, which is obviously one of my favorite things to do at a hockey game!

I'm not sure who I'll go for. I know more than usual about the Rangers since Coach Stalin is a huge fan, but I'm really excited to see Chara play. I need to catch a few Bruins games on CI before then. I hardly ever watch any East Coast teams play since the Wild are in the West, so I know next to nothing about them.

Anyway, I'm very excited to get to go. Our anniversaries spent in the Hill Country have been wonderful, but this is a real treat, too.


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