Monday, February 11, 2008


Knees are feeling a bit better today but still tender on stairs or if I turn my leg funny. Wild won yesterday, with Harding playing the shoot out brilliantly. As frustrating as he was for the Aeros sometimes, he's really becoming a stud in the NHL. Good on ya, Hards! And Burnzie on a tear as well. Love that kid and his freaky zoo.

Loving my new Hip music... Ahead by a Century, Fireworks, Wheat Kings, Long Time Running are the early favorites.

Interesting thread on the goalie board I read regarding rituals after being scored on. Granted, I've never played a game and I fully accept that I'm supposed to suck right now so it's easy to let goals go, but I do clear the puck and then think quickly what I could have done differently to have stopped it. A few times I lost my focus when I couldn't figure out how I might have stopped it, but that sort of insight will come with practice. But if I could troubleshoot it right away, I was ready for the next shot.

Did yoga last night to try and give my knees some relief. Not sure it helped specifically, but it didn't hurt and I slept like a baby (and finished my bad hockey book!) Looks like we're skating tonight, though it will be a VERY easy skate. No drills. I think that's good for me mentally, too. I don't ever want it to feel like a "chore" to go skating, so I'm due for a pure fun skate.


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