Thursday, February 7, 2008


I forgot, in my Scotty Got a Goal excitement, to report my skating workout (other than it was hard).

We worked on stopping (one leg snowplow) a bunch. It's getting there but I still have a bit to go before I get it down. Then we worked on one-leg swizzles (where one leg stays neutral and the other does the swizzle... those are HARD, especially for my dumb leg... yeah, that's you lefty!!) And then we worked on one leg skating, with the other foot up. I can't do it for more than a couple of seconds. We worked on that late in the session though, and I was starting to lose control of my edges by then. I need to work on that first thing sometime.

I did okay, but my lower back was KILLING me most of the time. Definitely need to get more serious about my ab work.

Anyway, I'm sort of aching all over today, so it's just going to be a yoga day. Though since the Wild are playing tonight, I may do a similar deal as Tuesday where, instead, I do crunches for goals. I'll need to figure out how to work that. Definitely NO leg work today though, other than what's in my yoga video.


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