Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SO/KU/SS Wednesday

That's Schaefer Out, Khudobin Up, Scott Suspended...

Aeroes up against the best AHL team in the West tonight. My expectations are looooow.

I dreamed last night that Johnny got called up to the Wild to fill Boogey's enforcer role. Fortunately my dreams do not tend to be prophetic. I think it was because the Wild really needed an enforcer last night against the Oilers, and I was reading The Code before I went to sleep so I had enforcing on the brain.

Gonna try to fit a yoga session in after the game before I head to the airport to pick up DH.

Started this post an hour ago and got sucked into going through an entire thread for Hackva masks on the goalie board. I'm definitely gonna go that way when it's time to buy. I'm amazed that people settle on a design/paint scheme. The ones with big teeth painted on them scare me. I'll probably just get a white one to start. Imagine, if I had all white gear, I'd look like a goalie angel... *choir singing*

Eh, the only other thing is that I bought a bottle of glucosamine chondroitin MSM today to see if that helps my knees not be so angry. Supposed to take a couple of weeks to a month to kick in and notice a difference, if it's gonna work at all. We'll see. Lots of goalies swear by it.


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