Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trade Deadline Day

Wow. Riser. Chris Simon? Really?

I feel a little sick. I'm all kindsa down with enforcers and even the better agitators, but this guy is just f'ing crazy. Code? What code? Blech.

Got my Jesus Saves shirt in the mail today. It's lovely. :)

Skated last night, only for about 30 minutes. Worked on stopping quite a bit. Progress is slow and a little bit discouraging, but I'll get there.

Update: Okay, I've had some time to think about it and I'm okay... maybe even a little excited... about Simon joining the Wild. I'm not even talking about it on the Wild board because so many people are just lousy with righteous indignation, it's disgusting.

From my perspective, yes, the guy has some pretty dirty play in his past. But the two most notable incidents were against guys who are extremely dirty and dishonorable in their own right. Maybe Si went too far with them, but it's not like his shoving sticks up Ovechkin or Crosby's noses. We're talking Hollweg and Ruutu for pete's sake! Major a-holes who deserve pretty much everything they get.

But once you get past that stuff, here's a guy who will do ANYTHING for his team. He's vilified by fans and the media, but it seems his teammates are quite fond of him and have supported him wholeheartedly because they know the shit this guy has done for them on the ice. With all the princesses and pouters we have on the Wild, I find this kind of guy pretty refreshing. I'd sure rather have a beer with one of these tough guys than with Queen Gaborik.

So to those who would Booo him at his first home game with the Wild, I think you need to check yourselves. This guy is on your team now and frankly, if someone's on my team and there's nothing I can do about it, then they're gonna get my support because I don't want any weak links. Here's a guy who plays with, some might say insane passion and we've got probably 10 guys who play with no heart whatsoever half the time. You're gonna boo THAT guy but you're okay with Demo and Gabby pouting about needing a stronger centerman? Give 'em f'ing Princess Pouliot. They can shop for silly euro wardrobes together and pass the puck and slash opponents.

Okay, maybe I'm overstating things a bit, but it's been a frustrating day hoping Riser would come up with a great defenseman or center to help the team. But Simon is who we got and the first time he punches Brad May in the face, you'll see how he's totally worth it.

And now maybe Voros can play hockey and quit getting his ass handed to him in every fight. I respect that he shows up and takes what's coming to him for his marginally agitating style of play, but if you don't ever win, it just kinda takes the wind out of the team.


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