Saturday, March 1, 2008


My workout today consisted of a 4 mile "city walk"... decent clip but a few stops along the way... and the strengthening and stretching routine from Dr. Lisa. Man does that make my legs turn to jello! Wall sit squats, standing lunges, and ... I dunno what they're called. Forward bends, I guess. Plus lots of stretching. Feels good though.

While we were out, we stopped by the NHL/RBK store in mid-town. I didn't really want to buy anything but I'd heard so much about how the fit of the new RBK jerseys were terrible, and I wanted to try one on to see if it was bad as all that. They had all of ONE Wild jersey in a size Large and it fit perfectly! I don't know what people are bitching about. It was light and stretchy and comfortable. Much nicer than the old style jerseys! So, now I need to figure out if the nice red jerseys are going away next year and if so, I need to get one before they're gone. Hopefully they'll keep it around as the alternate.


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