Sunday, February 3, 2008

Door Minder

So, the goal was the bottom 4 feet of of our french doors, the puck was foam rubber (think chuck-a-puck), the "ice" was hardwoods for me and an area rug for my shooter, my stick was a wrong-handed skater's stick, and my skates were socks, but I played goalie to Coach Stalin's shooting practice today. And it was FUUUN!

Of course, it doesn't hurt to get hit with a foam rubber puck, but the thrill I felt getting hit by it gave me a taste for why goalies put up with the stingers and various other abuses. Making the save feels really really good, so I think it negates some of the pain of the puck hitting you. I may eat these words when a real puck hits me, but that ain't gonna happen without full protective gear on and I'm way off from that date.

However, I do see I need to get a proper goalie stick and some knee pads so I can practice going down (oh, behave!) She got a lot of pucks thru my 5-hole (BEHAVE!), and down low on my glove side. Definitely see the huge need for explosive side to side movement.

Anyway, it was fun and a LOT of work. I was sweating buckets in just 30 minutes or so of play. And Coach goes after her rebounds, even in living room hockey, so that was an added battle I wasn't expecting. :) It was seriously fun.

In other news, Aeros won last night. Finally! It could have gone either way, but it went ours, so I was happy. Here's to getting their groove back on the upcoming road trip.


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