Saturday, February 23, 2008

Brief skate

Well, we dawdled at lunch and only got to skate about 30 minutes today, but man, what a skate! As soon as I stepped on the ice, something was different, even though I haven't skated in nearly two weeks. My balance was better than it's ever been and I felt totally confident almost the instant I stepped on the ice, where normally I have to do a few laps before I feel solid (and sometimes I never feel like I've gotten my ice legs).

It took me a while but I realized it must be due to the pelvic adjustment I got at the chiropracter this week. I had NO idea it would make such an enormous difference, but I'm definitely sold and if I lose that sense of balance again, I'll be going back for another adjustment. I'm hoping by keeping up my yoga and strengthening, I won't need to go much, but at least I know more about how my body works. Very interesting stuff!

Anyway, we worked on one-legged swizzles and stopping, both of which were much easier today, too. It's a Pelvic Miracle! Huzzah!

Coach Stalin and I discussed coming back and playing a bit of driveway hockey, but I decided not to press my luck. However, I did come home and tape my stick. Black on the blade, white on the knob. Somehow putting that knob on just makes it My Stick now. It's so lovely. I'll have to post a picture. :)


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