Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy knees

Had some goalie fun yesterday. We tried to go to the batting cages so I could work on "seeing" the ball, but they were broken. We played putt putt instead but the courses were SO crappy, it was hardly worth it, other than it was nice to be out in the sunshine for a while.

So then we came home and played with my reaction ball for a while. Started with DH bouncing it at me and me just trying to catch it, but that was boring, so I got my stick and that helped. But then we started talking about the fact that I should work on catching certain shots. So, I got his baseball glove. I still couldn't catch so then we just played catch for a bit so I could get used to it. Putting it all back together at the end, I was pretty happy with my reaction times, though that damn thing just bounced through my 5-hole like I didn't even have legs.

I have trouble catching down low, but it was a good exercise and, as always, pretty fun. AND my knees don't hurt today.

Might skate tonight. Still haven't decided about taking my skates to NY... I think I'd like to. Looks like I'm taking the big bag, so I should have plenty of room for them.


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